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    In the last month or so I have had many an opportunity to both discuss and read up on the subject of climate change. How did it all begin? Well it became a topic of conversation on the radio show I host on XFM. During that discussion, which was vast in nature, I made some statements which apparently upset a few people. I still am not sure exactly why, but I took the time to dig a little deeper and try and understand.

    Let me start by outlaying what exactly was said during that on air conversation. We concluded that climate change was a real thing. The proof is there. The temperatures are hotter, the world’s oceans are more acidic and the levels are rising. And if you ever needed concrete evidence of the effects of climate change, one only needs to look at the rapid deterioration of the polar caps. Climate change is real whether you would like to believe it or not.

    The second part of the conversation turned to why? Why has climate change become more of a serious issue? What is causing it? Research states there is a 90% chance that humanity is causing the problem. Whilst 10% of scientists say it’s natures cycle. It seems likely that humanity is the problem if you choose to believe those figures. But my problem is that I don’t believe everything I read. I am a skeptic by nature and believe there is an agenda behind most information that you and I are fed. Being the honest guy I am, I said as much during this conversation.

    You see, even when on air as a national broadcaster, I want to keep myself real for people. I don’t want to put on a persona. Being true to myself is very important to my overall health and at this stage of my life I would not be on the air if I had to be or act some other way. But of course, when like that you are always going to rub some people up the wrong way. This was one of those occasions. My bluntness in voicing my opinion proceeded to me labelled as another Trump, a holocaust denier and socially irresponsible. This was very disappointing.

    Disappointed sign.
    Disappointed to say the least. People are quick to judge or criticize sometimes without even knowing the facts.

    Some people, many of whom you could tell had not even listened to the original conversation just decided my agenda was anti climate change. Which frankly is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life. Any one who knows me well will attest to how ridiculous such a statement is. As someone in the limelight however, sometimes you just have to accept that people will just have a pop.

    Please allow me to clarify something which I believe is very important for people to understand me. I am not capable of having what some people might call FAITH. I am not a dreamer. Just because a person tells me something, I will not automatically believe it to be true. Pessimism is my middle name. I have major trust issues. Especially when it comes to the political and corporate universe. I am of the belief that the majority of us are being treated like sheep. Kept under control. Lied to on a daily basis, by our leaders, the people we are supposed to trust to do what is right for us. I find it very difficult to separate the truth from the bullshit. So I believe it bullshit until I am absolutely certain of its truth.

    You may not understand it, but this is the way I am. Now, back to climate change. After this on air discussion I decided to do a little further research myself. I read many articles, and watched several documentaries. It is quite a fascinating subject to be fair. What did I find? Yes, it is widely accepted that climate change is real. This has been statistically proven and we can believe this to be fact. I BELIEVE CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL.

    What is causing climate change? In reality, the most likely reason is human activity. The burning of fossil fuels and livestock farming make up a significant quantity of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide gases which are said to be causing the green house effect. It is hard to deny that forms a pretty solid argument. Equally important is the increased deforestation adversely affecting our planet. It is after all plant life which is responsible for regulating gases in our atmosphere. Once more, a solid argument that is very difficult to deny.

    Deforestation machine in action.
    If we continue to cut down our forests, it won’t be long before the effects of climate change are irreversible.

    However, the question remains, are humans absolutely without doubt responsible for the current change in climate? No. You can’t say that. No one can say with absolute certainty that humans are responsible. The science is just not there. It is highly probable that it is the case, but it is not without doubt. And that is why I cannot commit 100% to blaming humanity for the current predicament. The fact of the matter is there are still many scientists who specialize in Climate Change who believe other factors to be the catalyst for our current climate predicament.

    And to be honest, while such people still exist, experts with PhD’s far more educated than I on the subject, who am I after reading a dozen articles and watching some YouTube documentaries to tell them that it is absolutely humanities blame. I just can’t do it.

    Here is what I truly believe. Regardless of climate change, humanity treats this planet like shit. Industrial giants continue to drain it of its every last resource. Understanding the consequences, but not giving a fuck because it messes with their bottom line. Governments are obsessed with developmental and economical stability of the now, all the while basically ignoring what the future may hold for generations to come.

    Melting Ice Caps
    Biggest concern of all is the melting of the polar caps causing the sea levels to rise. Are we just a few centuries away from Malta being under water?

    I believe that there is still a majority of normal people who don’t care enough. Care enough to separate their waste properly. To not toss trash onto the street if they cannot find a bin within ten metres. Sacrifice eating as much red meat as they currently do, perhaps limiting it to a special occasion. Stopping altogether with single use plastics and in as many cases as possible plastic altogether.

    My belief is that there is most likely already alternative fuels that we could use in existence. However, currently they do not provide the same profits as fossil fuels. I believe that mass farming has gotten way out of control. And I can’t believe that we continue to chop away at the worlds forests like they hold zero importance. I believe that is shameful and totally unnecessary.

    Governments must do more. Industry must do more. You and I must do more. And it shouldn’t even just be about climate change. It should about treating our beautiful planet with respect. Wanting to live in a clean environment. Enjoying breathing in clean and fresh air. Being able to walk on clean streets not soiled with wrapper waste and cigarette butts. Or swim in a cool sea free from plastic and garbage. If we all strive for a better way of living, the planet and climate change will sort it self out.

    Do I think any of this will change any time soon? Fuck no. The greedy are just getting more greedy. The powerful more powerful. And the frustrated less caring. The ones who actually do care to this day remain powerless. Those are the simple facts. The only time this will change unfortunately will most likely be when catastrophe strikes and it will be too late. Until then, I am going to do what I always do. Practice good practices and try my best to make a difference in my own little way. And, continue to live in my little bubble, Planet Oz where I am protected from stupidity and vulgar capitalism.

    Earth destruction.
    Keep raping the planet and eventually…..

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