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    At the beginning of every new footballing season I always look ahead with great excitement. In particular for that one very special day in the footballing calendar. Its a day like no other for football fans of the two most successful clubs in England. And Its a rivalry that has been born out of mutual respect as well as resentment from both sides of the divide.

    The excitement, the expectation, the passion. Fans from both sides look forward to not just a great game of football. But also an all out 90 minute war between the Premier Leagues two biggest rivals. Achieving unimaginable levels of elation in victory as well as the lowest depths of hurt and disbelief when humbled by defeat. As a Liverpool fan I have experienced these feelings many many times over the years. And I am confident that fans of both Liverpool and Manchester United will share my belief that life just isn’t the same without them. In light of this I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jose Mourinho. Thank you Jose for taking 50 years of intense footballing rivalry and totally f***ing it up.

    Yesterday was supposed to be a special day. A special game. Liverpool hosted their bitter rivals, taking on a Manchester side full of confidence after a great start to the season. Mourinho over the past two summers has spent £300 million building a team who were supposedly ready to challenge the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich and PSG. Instead he sent his team out at Anfield using the exact same tactics as a Burnley or West Brom. Shame on you Jose Mourinho you coward.

    During the whole of the match United were happy just to sit back. They kept 9 men behind the ball at all times. And very rarely ventured past the half way line. They offered no fight in the middle of the park, and were happy to let Liverpool dictate the game. This £300 million football team only mustered one shot on goal in the whole match. And that opportunity was provided by a Liverpool mistake in midfield which allowed United a rare bit of possession in the final third. Thankfully the “£90 million” guy hit it straight at the keeper.

    As a Liverpool fan I left that match with a really bad taste in my mouth, for two reasons. Firstly, once more Liverpool lacked the quality in front of goal to earn what should have been a well deserved win. Secondly I was extremely disappointed in a Manchester side who I have come to respect over the years. They gained my respect through their winning mentality and never say die attitude. This became the ethos of Manchester United during the Ferguson era and has sadly been lost. Yesterday was a clear example of this. For the second time in as many seasons they came to Liverpool not to try and win, but only to avoid defeat. This is solely down to the influence and negative tactics constantly employed Jose Mourinho.

    For me the most confusing aspect of this all is that United fans seem to be content with the situation. Apparently its all about winning trophies, no matter how its achieved or how it affects the clubs identity.

    Maybe I am an old fashioned football man. Maybe you may all think that I just hate United so much I am taking any opportunity to criticize. But this could not be farther from the truth. Whilst I do hate United as being the team who did “knock Liverpool off their perch”. I also admire the club more than any other in world football, for what they have achieved and more importantly how they achieved it. Unlike clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG who for me are on the way to ruining football altogether.

    For me, Jose Mourinho was, and is the wrong choice for Manchester United. It was a desperate move to stabilize a club who were rapidly on the decline. Whilst the “special one” has managed to turn the situation, he is also in the process of changing the identity of one of the worlds greatest and most respected clubs. It is not a coincidence that he does not stay at one club too long. Eventually his negative approach to football always seem to turn club owners and fans alike. I wonder how long it will take at United?
    “I told you to protect our goal at all costs. It’s that way.”



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    1. Roberto

      Agree 100%. His excuse was that he had 3 ‘top’ midfielders injured, referring to Pogpa, Carrick and Fellaini. (how Fellaini is considered a ‘top’ midfielder is beyond me!!) and that Klopp didn’t have the balls to sub Hendo, Can or Winaldum with an attacker. As you stated, in the past United would take the game to Liverpool (and vice versa), which is what made it such a brilliant entertaining fixture. Mourinho, on the other hand, has gone to Anfield twice, with the exact tactics on both occasions i.e instructing his players to sit back and fight for a point. How United supporters are happy with this boggles the mind.

      1. davidoziborg

        That is my point exactly. Liverpool have many many problems. In general bad recruitment, terrible defending as a team and the inability to finish off chances. But this was not about Liverpool. It was about Jose Mourinho as United manager. Spending £300 million in two summers and then producing that. If I was a United Supporter I would be pissed. Unfortunately I only seem to run into spoilt United fans who will defend their club blindly no matter what. To me that is not being a fan of football. Its being a fan of United only.

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