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    I am so god damn sick and tired of this rubbish. Tired of peoples genuine surprise when an entity or individual is either accused or proven to be corrupt. Really, REALLY? Can the people of this country, Malta, and this world be so frikkin naive? I find that very difficult to believe. So why all the uproar and tossing around of the term corrupt? Time to get over it.

    Ever wondered how far back corruption goes? Well let’s look at Adam and Eve for example. Coerced into sin by the serpent, being corrupted and banished from the garden of Eden. Early signs of corruption. It obviously benefited both the serpent, Adam and Eve in one way or another. Right? Earliest form of corruption? Perhaps you disagree.

    Then, take KAUṬILYA, A BRAHMIN, who lived around the time of the fourth century B.C. Brahmin, known also as Chanakya, was minister to the Indian king Chandragupta Maurya and wrote a book on the art of government entitled Arthashastra, which might be translated as “Instructions on Material Prosperity.”

    The Indian economist Amartya Sen has suggested a simpler translation, “Economics.” The Sanskrit text, discovered in 1905, also explores the vast and evergreen phenomenon of corruption. According to Kauṭilya, a contemporary of Aristotle, those who govern must use every means to attain their objectives, and rules of rigor and honesty seem to apply, at least in substance, only to their subjects. A clear ancient blueprint mapping out the evil necessity for corruption in politics.

    And then there is modern history as we know it. Lets say the past 200 years or so. When it comes to war, famine, economic crisis and the list goes on, greed and corruption have always been at the heart of it. The rich get richer and the poor become more insignificant. Greed and corruption. And then if we would like to be even more specific we could specifically talk politics. Should we?

    I don’t really like to if I am honest. Because I despise it. And why do I despise it? Because to be in politics, quite simply you have to be corrupt. You have to be able to achieve certain goals and targets in anyway possible. And in every case that means granting favors for persons with power or influence. Corruption. And at the very highest end of politics, it is even more evident. Prime Ministers and Presidents the world over, whose campaigns have been built on huge amounts of corporate money to help fund their agenda. Do we honestly think these donated millions are given just out of a sense of national responsibility?

    Hell no. They are given with the understanding that certain corporate agenda’s will be given a bit of governmental tender loving care. Is it legal, yes and no. As I said its just an understanding. But it happens with almost absolute certainty. Corruption at the highest level. But corruption is not just found there. It is found in all facets of life. Religion, education, sport, the corporate world and pretty much any entity that has any kind of hierarchy or structure. It happens.

    And even at the individual level, things that could happen to you and me, it happens commonly. Someone gets a job over someone else, because they are a friend of the family. Pressure is put on a football coach to play one child in favour of another. Or even accepting a free meal or discount because you are known by the owner of the restaurant. The person at the next table was not offered the same wonderful deal, I can assure you. All in their simplest terms actions with elements of corruption. Simple as that.

    So the message here people is, fucking get over it already. Corruption is a fundamental characteristic of humanity as a whole. It has been a part of life since the evolution of man, and who knows, perhaps even before. And it would seem that humanity cannot function without it. We may not like it, but it is there to stay. It is just the way of the world. And not even the most monumental amount of pissing and moaning is going to change anything.

    Finally a little advice from me Oz of OzUncut. Create your own bubble, one in which you find comfort and joy, and cease to give a good god damn about anything else. Especially about the things you can’t control.

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