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    Just to clarify from the off, I am no expert on what happened with the whole Egrant investigation. My interest in politics remains distant because of my complete and utter disdain for it. So, I only really followed what popped up on social media and the like. In a nutshell however, from what I’ve gathered, an accusation was made by the Nationalist Party. Specifically Simon Busuttil, regarding the Prime Ministers potential connection to an offshore company. An investigation ensued.

    The investigation took quite some time. But in the end it was judged that both the PM, and his wife were in no way linked. In fact, on the face of it, it seems that the allegations were somewhat intentionally fabricated in an attempt to remove the current leader from power. If I am incorrect on any of these points I am happy to be educated by those in the know. That is, if they feel the need to do so. Personally, my faith in politics, politicians and the political system evaporated a long time ago. However I latch onto these stories only to reaffirm my long standing hatred for the dirty game.

    Anyway, really and truly, this blog is not about the EGRANT situation specifically. It is more an expression of my frustration as to how many people still hold so much faith in people of political power. It is beyond my understanding. The one thing that Egrant proves is the both shambolic, and filthy state of local politics. For anyone to go to such lengths for political slander, all in the name of gaining a political advantage, is disgusting. Especially when it is to the detriment of the little people like you and me. Who let’s be honest, they don’t really give a damn about.

    We must not however, at any point, fall into the trap of thinking this is only a Maltese problem. Far from it. This deplorable behaviour is happening all over the world in almost every political system. Take the UK for example and BREXIT. What an absolute joke. This whole BREXIT movement was based upon a series of lies and half truths. Which were ultimately intended to do two things. Firstly destabilise the sitting government, which it did, as Cameron resigned. And secondly, to continue what seems to be the ever increasing political agenda of global separation.

    So, in essence, they lied their asses off, and made “the people” destabilise what was at the time a “relatively” stable situation. It was successful and now two years down the road, Britain is in political crisis. And as a result, the ripple effect means the people are suffering. Another relevant example of objectionable politics is that of the United States of America. I really, really, really don’t want to go into a lot of detail here as it won’t be good for my health. But its safe to say that the current administration and its leader are not exactly squeaky clean.

    In fact I would hazard a guess that 75% of the drivel that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth is either wholly inaccurate or a down right lie. His behaviour, both before and during power, is offensive, and let’s be honest, borderline criminal. And his sole intention as President is to segregate the US from the rest of the world. Thus, making America rely predominantly on internal resource which will ultimately make all his industrial buddies even more filthy rich. Oh, and we all know he will throw anyone under the bus to save his own ass.

    And here in lies the biggest problem of all, us. The voters. The real people. Living day to day, just to try and get by. We put our faith in these people in the hope they can make our lives just that little bit better. Whilst all the while, really and truly, they could not care less about us. We look up to these people to be a shining beacon of light, an example to all humanity. In truth, they are the worst of us all. The most selfish, the most manipulative, the most self centred, the most power hungry. Need I go on? And the worst behaved. Shame on them. Shame on them all. Personally, their behaviour disgusts me and until I am wholly convinced that their is someone out there who is different, I will continue to have zero faith in politics.

    As for you my fellow earthlings, the choice is yours. You can either continue to support these arrogant megalomaniacs and things will remain status quo. Or, you can choose to not support them. Personally I will continue my protest by means of abstention. At the very least, that gives me the peace of mind that I am NOT helping contribute to the problem.


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    1. Gonzo


      Great piece in which I share your thoughts and views. I am not one who cares much for politics nor do I follow, however when our country finds itself in such a state, it is quite hard not to follow.

      Yes, corruption and political unrest seems to be the recent trend across the globe. You correctly mentioned Brexit, Trump and the list goes on… Malaysia, Thailand etc etc. However what puzzles me and leaves me raging is the general ignorance that is currently prevailing in these countries, more specifically ours. I, like you, could not give a hoot about politics as mentioned however I do believe in morals !! Furthermore I also have a brain and I am able to determine right from wrong… a current thing which the masses in Malta seem to struggle with. As a result of this, it is us simple folk who suffer. I’d love to know where our morality has gone to !!

      1. davidoziborg

        It looks like you and I share the very same belief system. I find myself forever frustrated by the state of things and even more so understanding that an attempt for me to try and change things would be a complete and utter waste of my time. So the best I can do is vent.

    2. Mark

      Feel the need to be a little pedantic re the egrant summary because the allegations weren’t made by pn or Simon as such however they definitely embraced the allgations without checking the facts so still to be condembed in my humble opinion.

      I say pedantic because I get that this wasn’t the point of your article and on everything else I totally agree. Politicians are vile and seems the worse you dare to go, the more successful you seem to be.

      I’d say that abstention isn’t the best way to protest though – however if you don’t have the energy to be politically active I can’t blame you for that as it takes huge huge effort and time to make your voice heard. Respect to the activists out there who are the only ones that actually stand up for us and make the difference.

      1. davidoziborg

        I appreciate the clarification and indeed your are right. Thanks. Abstention is the only way for me, personally, as I don’t have the energy, time or even courage to take on such a fight. And to be honest even if I did, I am not in the habit of picking fights I cannot win.

        1. Mark

          Can’t argue with that, the little guy doesn’t stand a chance in most of the battles out there. That’s what the opposition is meant to be for.

    3. Patrice

      Abstention is the only option … I found for now as well …
      But …
      Politics don’t care about abstention even if they are elected by less than 50%.
      In fact abstention does not count …

      The voting system does not work any more, I propose to replace vote by sortition … Could it be worst than populism ?

      1. davidoziborg

        To be honest, at this point, I am willing to consider any alternative method, however I am not sure sortition is the way to go. Just imagine if either of us got the luck of the draw? Sheeesh.

    4. GS

      Sometimes we forget the meaning of what’s a democracy (According to Mr. Google, “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”)

      We simply vote for people who we think they represent/reflect us best. Sometimes i start looking at the countries democratic leaders (Trump, Macron, Merkel, etc) and try to get few keywords to describe them. in most cases (not all) you would realise that how you describe them you would be a reflection of the specific society voting for their leaders. For example, I would highly doubt that Trump would have been elected as a leader in Finland (best European Education System) for example

      Coming to my point. While agreeing that unfortunately politics are dirty, if we had to analyze the root cause of why the Trump?, why the brexit?, why all the dirty stuff happening in the world?, we would always get back to what happens in our houses and what we are doing.

      As parents, we have the responsibility to raise our kids with key values to understand what is good and what is wrong (ethical), respectful (really all the things that surround us – people, nature, animals, history, etc) & finally disciplined (we all have to stop the “u ija” mentality – that simply does not work with the most complex organisms on this planet. In a nutshell we need to be better human beings. I am sure if we raise the kids to be better individuals we would have much better politicians and better leaders everywhere.

      1. davidoziborg

        Thank you for such a detailed response. And some valid points made in general. However, not sure I agree totally with you. Quite simply, politics in general is a dirty game. You have to make promises you know you can’t keep. You need to build relationships with people who will always want favours from you, and the ultimate goal is to screw your opposition in any way you can so you have a better chance at taking power yourself.

        I firmly believe that there are many good people who go into politics, however after some time they realise the only way to survive is to play the game.

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