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    Time is running out for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in the race for both the Drivers and Constructors championships. They both need a big weekend. Which makes the Formula 1 race in Japan critical for both driver and team.

    The Formula 1 season is heading into its final leg. Its that hurried scramble to the season ending chequered flag in Abu Dhabi. Believe it or not it is only 6 weeks to go, and its still all to race for. Ok, taking a more pragmatic view one would have to think that Mercedes have already wrapped up the constructors championship. Not even the most optimistic of Ferrari dreamers would be able to envisage the kind of ridiculous swing in fortunes needed for them to overturn the 118 point gap. However the drivers championship is still up for grabs and there will be another vicious battle this Sunday at Suzuka.

    Let me lay it out straight for you. Lewis Hamilton is still HUGE favorite for the title. As much as I dislike the Englishman, he is a fantastically consistent driver. And of course overall, Mercedes still retain both the fastest and most consistent car. But, Ferrari have been improving their package impressively over the past couple of months since the summer break. Had it not been for that crazy first lap in Singapore and big reliability issues in Malaysia this battle would currently be neck and neck. Add this to the fact that Sebastian Vettel “ain’t too shabby” behind the wheel and it makes for an enthralling Sunday’s viewing. Not to be missed by both Formula 1 fans and sports fans alike.

    As for the rest? Well Red Bull will always be there or there abouts should the others fail to capitalize. Max Verstappen finally got this years monkey off his back with an impressive win in Malaysia. And you don’t need to give Dani Ricciardo a second chance to pick up points. If there is an opportunity you can be sure Ricciardo will take it. His 8 podiums being with the third best team on the grid is nothing short of miraculous.

    The only other real team battle at the moment is for 5th and 6th with Williams and Toro Rosso respectively. No real excitement there I am afraid.

    So the Formula 1 showdown in Japan is going to be a big one. I get a feeling that Sebastian Vettel may take the chequered flag this Sunday. But it won’t be enough in terms of the title race as I would expect Lewis Hamilton to finish on the podium. One thing is for sure, Ferrari fans will all be praying for some divine intervention from the Formula 1 gods this coming weekend.

    Enjoy the race. I sure will.


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