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    One of the things I love about being a fan of F1 is all the gossip and rumors you get floating around the paddock. The F1 industry can be likened very closely to large group of mothers gossiping at a school bake sale, its crazy but very, very entertaining. In light of this I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the latest goss from the F1 arena:

    Robert Kubica to Williams in 2018:

    This is my favorite one at the moment for the simple reason that before his horrific 2011 rally crash, in which he had suffered partial amputation of his forearm, compound fractures to his right elbow, shoulder and leg, as well as significant loss of blood, he was one of my favorite drivers on the track and was almost destined to become one of the best in the business. He is a truly amazing man to overcome such injuries in such a short space of time and still have the drive (excuse the pun) and courage to get himself back racing at the highest level. I am pretty confident that all in F1 as well as the fans would be delighted to see Robert back in the near future. Let us hope it happens.

    McLaren – Honda – The Divorce

    It is widely expected that sometime in the next week or so we will hear the news of a split between the McLaren racing team and their current engine suppliers Honda. It is plain for all to see that Honda have not even been close to getting out a competitive engine package the past couple of years and I think it is understandable that such a prestigious team as McLaren can not allow that to continue in future. It is truly a shame and hopefully there is a solution out there to have Honda remain in F1 going forward (most likely with Toro Rosso) as I firmly believe that no one wants to see such a long associated brand leave the sport. Its kind of like a marriage, if your partner starts to lose some serious stamina in the bedroom, and you still have aspirations of a porn style love life, you may have to break of the relationship. That doesn’t mean that you wish they were dead.

    The future of the frustrated Spaniard

    One of the coolest guys on track, and always one of the most talented is of course Fernando Alonso. Let us be clear, the last couple of years have been absolutely terrible for him and it is a shame to see such a talented jockey trying to ride a three legged horse. But even with this in mind all indications now seem to point to Fernando committing himself to McLaren beyond 2017, with quotes emerging stating he “intends to be loyal” to McLaren. Honestly to me that is a bit of a shock considering the ongoing disaster, but it surely must mean that he is very confident that 2018 will bring a much more positive outlook for the McLaren team, otherwise I am sure he would have sought out other opportunities. One thing is for sure, from now until the end of the F1 season his race radio chatter is going to make for some classic listening.

    Oh and by the way, Fernando Alonso has also signed for Real Madrid. I crap you not, this is absolutely legit. The F1 driver has become an honorary member of the football club and was even paraded around by President Florentino Perez who referred to him as “One of the greatest Spanish sportsman of all time”. I wonder if he knows how to do “The Rabona”? (Well he has got a better chance of pulling it off than me, I would surely end up on my sufficiently large backside). I think I would definitely pay to see that (not me on my backside, Fernando doing the Rabona).

    Porsche to return to F1?

    The latest bit of news going around the paddock is that Porsche may be looking for a return to F1 after stating they will look to get back in when the new generation of rules kick in from 2021. The VW owned German manufacturer have attended meetings of current and potential future engine suppliers recently as plans are put in place for what is envisaged to be a cheaper and less complex engine from four seasons’ time. Currently heavily focused on Formula E, which they will join in the 2019 season, Porsche state they are always interested in the possibility of a return to Formula 1 if the conditions are both favorable and viable. Personally, I think it would be great to have Porsche back in F1. As one of the quintessential names of the sports car world it has been a shame to not have them competing in motor sports grandest of arenas and would be equally fantastic to have them come back in.

    Lot’s of rumors and news floating around at the moment and its all very positive for the future of the sport. One thing is certain at this moment in time, ever since the arrival of Liberty Media as custodians, the once declining sport is looking like it has a grand future indeed.

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