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    Damn it, Darn it, F**k it. He’s done it again hasn’t he. Another weekend of hope for Ferrari, shattered. Another weekend where anti Mercedes folk were hoping for any sort of blip. Nope. It was another weekend where Lewis Hamilton showed he knows how to stand up and be big when it counts, and this past weekend he was “Big in Japan”.

    Say what you want about Lewis Hamilton, the guy is a machine. As I am sure you all know I am not his biggest fan. In fact I am constantly watching, praying, rubbing the rabbits foot, poking the Lewis doll and messing with those chicken bones. In the hope it will bring Lewis some bad luck. All to no avail I am afraid.

    And this is where I must give credit to the man and what a driver he is. He smashed it in Japan. New track record. Was dominant the whole weekend. Won the race and held his nerve in a good battle with Max Verstappen. And increased his lead in the championship to 59 points. An almost unassailable lead, especially by Lewis Hamilton standards. Believe me when I tell you its not just about the guy having the best car either.

    Let me be clear about this. Lewis Hamilton is an amazing driver. What ever the situation, whatever the challenge, he handles it without even looking under pressure. I mean I can’t even remember the last time I witnessed Lewis Hamilton make a mistake on a race track. That is how good he is. Quick, calculated, great off the start line. Lewis knows how to get the best out of his car every single week. And even when the car isn’t performing so well, he still manages to get the best possible result, every time. He is a very impressive athlete and sports man. And will be remembered as one of the best ever in the sport no doubt.

    If only he could have worked on that attitude of his though. I mean imagine he had Fernando Alonso’s cheeky grin or Daniel Ricciardo’s playful nature. He would be the most popular man in the history of sport. But instead we get this sort of pompous attitude. Whenever you see him talk, you get the feeling that he does not want to be there. Or that he has been hard done by in life. It makes me cringe to see him being interviewed. It makes me really dislike him.

    But a part of me thinks that perhaps that is what makes him the best in the world. And perhaps without that chip on his shoulder he would only be an average driver. We have seen it before in the sport after all. Remember Niki Lauda? Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna? Anybody remember Michael Schumacher? All had pretty sizeable egos and all were pretty good at their craft.

    Oh and we can be honest by saying that Sebastian Vettel is also a bit of a p***k.

    So, as for this seasons championship race it seems pretty much all over right? I mean if Lewis Hamilton wins in the next race in Austin and Seb Vettel finishes any lower that 5th its game over. And they way the Ferrari’s are struggling mechanically you wouldn’t bet against that happening.
    King Lewis reigns supreme. Can anyone stop him winning his 4th Drivers Championship?


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    1. Andy Stevens

      I’m slightly ashamed to say I’m a big Lewis fan but it’s not because of his personality. I agree with you, most of the time he makes me want to punch him. BUT I am a fan of the immense talent which is a joy to watch every race weekend. I think he’s far more deserving of a fourth world title than bad tempered school boy Vettel who only got his 4 through having one fast car for four years. When he gets a championship in different car, then praise will be justified. For now it’s Lewis’s rightful crown.

      1. davidoziborg

        Agree totally Andy.

        Can’t stand Vettel either. Lewis is an phenomenal driver and I can at least appreciate that. They should just keep him away from interviews though…..


    2. Joe

      Morning Oz,

      I’m not really into F1 to be honest, but I really do get your point regarding Lewis. I am British so I naturally want to support the guy, but he does seem both vapid and narcissistic at times.

      Perhaps his lack of personality is the reason he is able to solely focus on his trade and be content in giving everything to F1? I value people that are somewhat humble and self-deprecating (a fairly British trait again) and there is just a certain lack of relatability I get from Lewis whenever I have watched some F1 or any of his interviews.

      Let’s face it though, he is good looking, incredibly talented, successful & extremely wealthy – do you think that would turn most people into a douche? I often ask myself that question haha….

      1. davidoziborg

        Hey Joe,

        Some pretty sensible words you write there. And I agree with you. I wish I could like Lewis, because I truly respect great sports persons, but I just can’t get myself to do it. 🙂

        Regarding your last point, unfortunately I will never know….

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