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    I just can’t stand this mind numbing, society dumbing reality trash any longer. Reality TV is changing the world and I for one don’t like it. Now, a part of me can understand the interest in watching competative reality shows. Such as X Factor, The Voice or Master-chef. I have even enjoyed an episode here or there myself. They are competitions where one can partake in the discovery of some amazing previously unearthed talent.

    I can even understand why people would be interested in watching a real life working man reality TV show. Such as The Deadliest Catch. These are areas of life that few people actually know about, so it is somewhat educational. I am not saying its for every demographic mind you, but there is something to peak the interest. BUT, I just cannot for one second understand why anyone would want to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. A reality TV show which follows the life of a bunch of dimwitted, privileged ego maniacs. My disdain for that entire family is beyond repair.

    Now, my grievances are predominantly two fold. First, and most importantly, the whole program is a complete sham. If you truly believe when you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians you are authentically looking into the life of the Kardashian family, I am afraid you are living in a dream world. Every part of the show is pre-determined and scripted in a board room full of writers and studio executives. Tell me, where is the reality in that? From the love stories, to the controversies and even the tragedies, this television production is quite simply NOT REAL.

    The second point, which also gets my goolies in a twist, is the fact that as a bunch of people they are actually seriously uninteresting. Not one of them has any sort of intelligence or “real world” experience. They are superficial, overpaid and over-rated. The family as a whole is seriously lacking in morals and are a terrible example for humanity as a whole. I mean, everything those Kardashian children have, has been handed to them on a silver platter and the way they flaunt it is down right sickening.

    In saying that, if I was to include one compliment amidst this barrage of critique it would be to mama bear Kris Jenner. That woman has taken a bunch of f***tards, her children, and made them a global sensation. She has secured the financial well being of the entire family for eternity and built a legacy which will most likely last generations. She’s a smart cookie that one. Still, smart or not, she still annoys the f*** out of me.


    I would like to end this rather impromptu rant by offering some advice to any parents out there who care for the future of their children. If your teenage offspring are currently hooked on Keeping up with the Kardashians, or any similar type reality poppycock, please get them into rehab immediately. You can still save them.

    And finally finally, I have watched perhaps a total of three episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians in my whole lifetime. That was more than enough for me to be absolutely certain about everything I’ve written above.

    Adopted Kardashian and SUPER TWAT, Kanye West




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