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    I think its been proven that Bill Cosby is an asshole. Harvey Weinstein? That guy is definitely an asshole. Woody Allen, R. Kelly, Mike Tyson, Gary Glitter & Roman Polanski make up what is an extremely long list of assholes. What do these people have in common? They are powerful men from the entertainment world who have forced themselves, sexually, on other people. I am sad to say it has been confirmed that we have one more person to add to the list. Kevin Spacey is an asshole.

    Allegations have emerged this week that the popular actor forced himself on a 14 year old boy back in the 1980’s. Yes Kevin Spacey, who has now coincidentally come out of the closet, apparently has been forcing himself on other men for the best part of three decades. He was one of my favourite actors. So I am sure you can imagine my disappointment at the news.

    I felt the need to rant and discuss the issue more openly. Thus another OzUncut Vlog Rant.

    ***WARNING – The following video contains strong language.


    For the first time in a long while I am stuck for answers. I can’t figure out this type of behaviour. If anyone can enlighten me then I urge you, no beg you to please use the discussion space below to give me answers. Or perhaps there are no answers and we just have to accept that the world is full of assholes.


    From hero to Zero. Kevin Spacey is an ASSHOLE.

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    1. Conrad

      Hi Oz. First, I have to say that I share your same feelings about Spacey. Hit me more than Weinstein’s because Spacey was “up there” in my most-revered actors. Mind you, both cases are equally appalling, it’s not like I make any claim otherwise.

      Anywhoo. You are mainly trying to answer the question, “Why do people in power, more so men, commit these disgusting acts?”

      The first thought I have is that they think and assume they will / can get away with it. Or celebrity status gets to their head and they start thinking these acts are acceptable in their own deranged minds.

      But I want to steer away from that line of thought. Forget the notion of person-in-power for a moment. What makes a “celebrity” a better equipped person to be a morally sound one? I say none. A celebrity is nothing more than a human being with more visibility than other human beings. Consequently, prone to the same feelings, vices, habits. Same way a couple of notable artists just committed suicide lately – they are not really any more special than anyone.

      So, in this wavelength, I think the question you are essentially asking is: “Why do people do shitty things?” Assault, rape, pedophilia, wars, suicide attacks, environmental plundering, list goes on.

      Summary of my theory – Famous, powerful people do the same things, be they good things, or bad things, as anyone who is not (famous and/or powerful). When the things they do (good or bad) emerge, the impact is bigger because of the same visibility these people command.

      As to solutions to solve this, well yeah, if the continent thingie was a possibility, why not? Though….I just think we are screwed. Humanity is at any rate. We can only try to be decent humans, and with our interactions with other (humans) hope to make a positive difference. If you, or anyone, has such increased visibility, your impact might be bigger. So, celebrities should used their fucking super-powers to be more of positive role models, rather than dickhead-assault-raping-pedophiles.

      Screw Kevin, and Weinstein, and any others like them. Re Kevin, I told my wife that there are 2 ways this will go down. Tried in court (if time-barring permits)and found guilty. Or suicide. Preferably both.

      I wish I could unsee his movies as quickly as I lost any respect I had for the guy.

      1. davidoziborg

        Thanks for your comments. I must say very interesting. I don’t think I am generalising here however in terms of persons doing shitty things. I am more focusing on the correlation between people of power and sexual assault. That could of course mean both power in terms of stature as well as physical power. In terms of people of stature I firmly believe it is an issue of ego. These people are so used to everybody licking there genitals that they think they can then basically do what ever they want. I find it a serious abuse of power on the less powerful or fortunate.

    2. David

      Hi Oz. Don’t agree with you here. I don’t recall that anybody said he forced himself on others other than the 14 year old boy and he was only accused of advances. Come on this happened 30 years ago. What happened to ‘who never sinned throw the first stone’? What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ Let’s not fall in the gossip trap here. I was myself victim of gossiping and had to deal with a lot because of it. I still sometimes listen to the phrase ‘il-qasba ma ccaqcaqx ghalxejn’ expressed towards me and it hurts a lot! If you didn’t understand it, it translates roughly to ‘if something is said about you it means that probably it is true’. Spacey is an actor and a great one at that. Let’s appreciate him for what he does on the small and big screen and let such things be handled by those that know this stuff. I did stupid things when I was in my 20s and am probably still doing some but I simply hope people will only judge me when they get to know me so who am I to judge someone from the other planet who I only know through the characters he has portrayed? Dave

      1. davidoziborg

        Hi Dave.
        I think it happening 30 years ago or yesterday is inconsequential. The behavior is not only morally inappropriate but borderline illegal. Unfortunately, also, already in the few days since the news broke there have been several other instances reported of Spacey being sexually inappropriate to others. To me this shows a pattern and I can almost guarantee that we will inevitably have a long list of incidents before this is all over. In legal terms I am happy to allow him his rights to be deemed innocent until proven guilty. But I am more referring to my personal relationship with someone whom I have looked up to for a long long time. To me just the one incident, for which he has actually already apologised (proving it actually did happen) is enough to deem him GUILTY in the OZUNCUT court of morality. I was however saddened to hear of your troubles though. But I think the two cases are slightly different.

        1. David

          Not really Oz. He clearly said he did not remember the case but if it happened he apologised for it. Of course, if it is proven that it really happened time and again, he could only have himself to blame and hope justice will be done. However I will still treasure his movies whatever. In my world, nobody is perfect and everybody deserves a second chance…

          1. davidoziborg

            The whole thing stinks to me David. He apologises but doesn’t remember it? That’s convenient. From my understanding of humanity, in general we never apologise for things that we have not done. So I believe, whether he has any memory or not he believes the allegations are true. Thus his statement and apology. At the end of the day him throwing a 14 year old boy on his bed and lying on top of him is shocking behavior tantamount to abuse. Doesn’t take away the fact what he has achieved and what a great actor he is, but it certainly does take the shine off everything. And finally no not everybody deserves a second chance. If you are a murderer, rapist, sexual abuser or pedophile then you should be dammed to hell immediately.

            Of course this is all MY opinion on the matter.

        2. David

          I am just looking at some names. Besides those mentioned by you there are Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffmann, Jeremy Piven and probably more will surface in the coming days. Guess we will just have to close all the cinemas and throw away our Netflix subscription…

    3. frankie

      We all have an asshole, at some point more or less all of us are called Assholes by someone, for this or that reason. There is a trespass point indeed. KS is as much of an ass as he can be, yet, I find a self-confessed and sorry ass to be less of an ass than someone that kept silent and worked in the dark to become an even bigger ass ( e.g. Weinstein ). We could say that with HoC KS has put on the screen some real part of his person, rather than the impersonification of Frank Underwood. No man has a closet without a bone to hide in it.

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