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    As many of you may know I have been working for a radio broadcaster for more than 20 years. Its my love, my passion. During that time I have read out or referenced thousands of different topics and stories relating to all walks of life. With the usual intention of adding some sort of satirical spin in the name of entertainment. The stories discussed can sometimes be cute and warm, at other times topical and informative. And of course on the odd occasion just down right disgusting.

    As today has unfolded it has dawned upon me that something special occurred this morning. A benchmark was set, which has set a standard that I believe will be very difficult to ever beat. To be honest its not something I have ever even thought to scale before. However the more I thought about it, the more difficult it became to find an past instance that matches up. Yes, to me its clear. Today I read live on air the most disgusting, horrifying and skin crawling story EVER.

    If you are currently in the process of eating, put that s**t away immediately. TRUST ME.

    In case you weren’t listening to the Big Breakfast on XFM this morning let me give you the details. The story was about a dental patient believed to be in India. This patient went to the dentist and upon examination was found to have a swarm of MAGGOTS crawling around in the mouth. In fact underneath both the upper and lower lips there was a infestation of the little white bastards. WTF?

    And guess what? The article featured both pictures and VIDEO. My first reaction was to gag violently. It made me so physically upset I had to stop talking for a couple of seconds so I wouldn’t HURL. How the f**k did this person not realise that they had maggots festering in their mouth? UN-F***ING-BELIEVABLE.

    To be completely honest I am having trouble not spewing right now just writing this stuff down. That is how disgusting, disturbing and utterly skin crawling it was. In fact I need to stop talking about it immediately.

    A story to remember or a story to forget? That is the question. If you have the stomach to check it out for yourself please be my guest and click on the link below. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…

    Maggot Mouth Infestation



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    1. Jay

      I must admit, I enjoyed watching you squirm today! 😝

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