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    Well, wouldn’t you know it, that buffoon Donald Trump is back in the news again. This time around someone has written a book about him. A book that dishes up inside information from several sources inside the White House. Most critically though, the bulk of the info coming from former Chief Strategist and friend Steve Bannon. The book is said to be a comical tale of confusion and borderline criminal incompetence.

    Anyone who follows me surely knows my opinions of Donald Trump. I would love to jump on the band wagon of this book immediately and have some fun in an aggressively anti-Trump manner. However,  until this moment of writing I have not read it and wish to reserve judgement. In actual fact, this little article is not about the book itself, but about the continued farcical and dangerous Presidency of Donald Trump. I will read the book as soon as I get an opportunity and will hopefully write a blog review at some stage. In the meantime, should you wish to give it a flick through, its titled “Fire and Fury Inside The Trump White House”.

    Now, let’s get back to the “Twit” himself. Not a day goes by where I do not wonder in amazement how this egotistical halfwit remains President of the United States of America. All one needs to do is follow Donald Trump on twitter to get a real sense of what an hugely overgrown child he is. It is amazing. If you think that I am exaggerating, give it a try. Follow @realDonaldTrump and see how long it is before you also become confused and concerned.

    His social media manifesto avails itself in three very obvious forms. First and foremost he just LOVES to promote the greatness of both the man and the President. I would say a large bulk of all Donald’s tweets are either comments regarding how successful his reign as Commander and Chief has been so far. Or referring to articles that have spoken highly of him. For example….

    Besides being extremely unbecoming of a sitting President it quite frankly smacks of absolute narcissism. Sad really. I don’t know about you, but even at my very normal, middle class level, I do not feel the need to “blow my own horn” to anybody who will listen. And I have achieved a few good things over the years.

    Second is his absolute all out war on the popular news media. Any news source that does not agree with his way of thinking is immediately dubbed “fake news”. I am quite sure you have all heard that saying a thousand times in the past couple of years. Whether it’s CNN, The New York Times or several other esteemed media companies, Trump is ready to attack. You report anything that shows him in a negative light. he immediate goes on the offensive.

    And finally, and for me most critically, is his discussion of international policy via social media. This is absolutely ridiculous and shameful. Whether he is commenting on Pakistan or Iran, or waging his totally immature “who’s dick is bigger” style ego battle with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump is never far away from some highly controversial commentary.

    My God. It is just beyond my perhaps limited understanding how the acting President of the United States can be allowed to commentate on such things in such a way. The insensitivity and ignorance shown in his “Nuclear Button” tweet alone, which has the potential to affect the lives of billions the world over and change world as we have ever known it, is in my opinion criminally irresponsible for someone in his position.  Some might say it is refreshing to finally have a political leader who is open on such matters. But it is not just what he says, its the way he says it.

    Were he to come across as an intelligent man of strength and honour, who holds the well being of his people as priority number one, perhaps it would be inspiring. However, this is far from being the case. He more so comes across as an intellectually underdeveloped and privileged ego maniac, who doesn’t give a flying f*** about anyone other than himself. And whilst in the beginning it was somewhat amusing, I am afraid now it has become a cause for real concern. Especially considering the power his position carries.

    I just can’t believe that Mr. Trump has survived a full year in power without being impeached, imprisoned or committed. It’s madness I tell you. For me, he is the biggest threat to our civilised society since Adolf Hitler. Not in terms of brutality, cunning or desire to rule the world. But more in the way that his obvious lack of understanding of his position. Which will inevitably result in a some sort of catastrophic decision that may change the world for ever. If I were you I would brace myself people. For if nothing is done to remove this man from governing, it will surely end in disaster.


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