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    I have to admit, the enigma that is Donald J. Trump all of a sudden has me confused. For anyone who reads or hears me regularly, you may have figured out that I am not that much of a fan. The orange haired business tycoon and President of the United States seems to have a talent for causing divide. Some love him. Lots hate him. Personally, hate is a strong word, but lets say I don’t like him a real lot. It’s his buffoonery and overall demeanour that really rubs me up the wrong way.

    To some extent it is almost impossible for me to judge Donald J. Trump with an open mind, seeing as I feel as I do. But there has been something eating away at me in the back of my mind. A certain something that is driving me nuts and I can’t seem to shake it. Is my current understanding of all things Donald coming from a place of ignorance? And is there more to both his abrasive persona and political manoeuvring?

    I really am starting to wonder. Now, I don’t think it is necessary for us to delve into Donald as a person and character. His narcissistic, chauvinistic nature is ugly to say the least. When he talks, it’s very difficult to take him seriously. Because, Trump comes off as both untrustworthy and lacking intelligence. But it’s more his political decisions that I think are worth having a quick look at.

    His decision to pull the USA out of the Paris accord, the global political understanding for a cleaner and better future. Withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership. The travel ban. The travel ban 2.0. Dismantling Obamacare. The Kim/Trump summit and denuclearising North Korea. Serious taxes on imports from the east. And the ongoing border situation with Mexico. To name a few.

    His political decisions have been light years away from what most would consider “the norm”, which overall makes me suspicious. However, it could also be construed in some quarters as being bravely positive. And this is what continues to confuse me the most. Are his decisions based upon making his vast network of industrial buddies even more rich? Whilst at the same time building upon his narcissistic legacy, which will be long remembered for generations to come. Or is there something we don’t know or understand?

    Does Donald J. Trump have an inside look into how totally screwed up the business of politics, internationally and local, has become. And is he on a one way mission to change things? One thing is for sure. There are lots of things that the average Joe or Mary, like you and me, do not understand. At the very top, where the rich get richer, and the dirty get dirtier, a lot happens that we will never ever get to know about. And that is what leaves me with the smallest, tiniest measure of doubt regarding Trump and his motivations.

    Let me end off by being as clear as I can. Nearly every fibre of my being falls on the side of believing that Donald was, and remains, a narcissistic clown. Heavily intent on making both himself and his buddies even more crazy rich than they currently are. BUT, his course of action is so far away from what we are used to experiencing, that unfortunately I find myself with the ever so slightest of doubt.

    So that is what I am putting to you. Have a think about it. And ask yourself this question. Do you think Donald Trump is just the clown most of us believe him to be, or is he some kind of evil genius intent on changing the world as we currently know it? Food for thought.


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