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    To those of you who know me in one way or another, this will come as no surprise. I absolutely, positively and unequivocally f***ing hate politics. It just drives me up the f***ing wall. I hate knowing about it and I hate people preaching to me about it. But most of all, I hate f***ing reading about it. Especially on bloody Facebook, from people with a clear and obvious agenda. Makes my blood boil.

    Let me start off by saying that I do not consider myself a stupid man. And thus I understand politics is a necessary evil. That the world would probably be a dangerous mess without it. However, even knowing that, it does not make me hate politics any less. I hate everything that politics as a system represents. I am not just referring to governmental politics by the way. Oh no. I am talking about politics in general and at every level.

    From the schmuck at your local football club who favours certain children because he knows their f***ing parents. To perhaps your everyday office politics where everyone is looking to s**t all over each other in the interest of personal gain. All the way to a President or Prime Minister, whom categorically lie their way into power, supported by money hungry corporate criminals pushing their global domination agenda. All the while the trusting and/or ignorant masses remain ready to slurp on their proverbial genitalia at will. It just remains beyond my understanding.

    Oh, and the situation here in Malta, just makes me hate f***ing politics all the more. I mean seriously. I was always of the belief that a democratic process entailed listening to the manifesto of any particular candidate and basing your vote upon which set of changes may help improve your life, or your country, for the better. NOT voting and cheering on one particular side like you would your favourite sports team. Perhaps because you were born or even brainwashed into it. That is not democracy, its stupidity.

    Politics at every level is dirty and corrupt. And the truly sad thing about it is that to survive in the system, individuals need to be, or become, dirty and corrupt. Otherwise they are on a road to nowhere. I am confident that not all politicians enter the system with corrupt intentions. But I am certain that it doesn’t take them long to realise that if you are not ready to “do favours”or “work the system”, then your career is going to be short and sour. Simple as that. It’s the name of the game, adapt or get out.

    And while we are discussing the subject, there has been a lot of discontent, bordering on uproar lately regarding corruption. Oh please. F***ing get over yourselves. All of humanity is f***ing corrupt on some level. But most are too blind to admit it. Whilst some acts of corruption are obviously much more serious than others, I am quietly confident that a great number of people who read this article have been corrupt or corrupted at one time in their life. Even if in the most innocent of ways.

    So then, don’t just start bitching about corruption at the highest level because it doesn’t suit your agenda. Like your totally f***ing shocked that corruption exists. It’s hypocritical and a total cop out. This sort of corruption has been a trait of humanity for thousands of years and will remain one for thousands more to come. If we survive that long.

    I will end off by saying this. I truly wish their was another system in the world other than politics. But unfortunately there is not. So we are stuck with it. I can live with that, but I don’t have to like it. In fact I am well within my rights to f***ing hate it. And finally, for those of you who think you may read this, decide I am wrong and think you’ll be able to change my mind, don’t waste your breath. I am more certain of my feelings on this now, as a (semi) matured adult of 44 years, than I have ever been.



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    1. george caruana

      A F6in men to that.
      Oz for president I have said it before and I stand by it.

      1. davidoziborg

        Yeah, not sure I am the solution mate. Perhaps I am what one might refer to as a “little hard core”…. but somewhere in between what we have now and my own thinking would probably be good. 🙂

    2. Claude GRECH

      Well said… Parties are supported just like football teams.

      1. davidoziborg

        Yes they are, and it couldn’t be any more WRONG….

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