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    Harsh words I know, but is it not true? Recently there seems to be this growing trend in the world of young women auctioning off their virginity to get ahead in life. They are doing it for all sorts of reasons. Making money to put themselves through university or college. Trying to get themselves noticed to crack into a modelling or acting career. Or just simply to have fun and travel. Whatever the intentions are, to me selling your virginity automatically turns you into a whore. And it just feels wrong.

    The reason that I bring up this topic today is because there was another high profile story this week on the subject. A 19 year old American, who is going only by the name of Giselle, auctioned off her virginity for an alleged $3 million. This was done through the now notorious “Cinderella Escorts” who take a 20% cut of every fee. The German website have now been involved in several high profile auctions in the past year. Giselle was quoted as saying that “this is a dream come true”. She also said “If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision.” Fair point I guess. I’m sure the thought of $3 mil had nothing to do with it..

    A hotel has already been booked in Germany for the encounter and Giselle will be accompanied by security and can cancel at any time, it is claimed.

    The mystery bidder was said to be delighted with his purchase..

    I know there is going to be some debate on this issue, no doubt. It is a hot topic, because you have to look at it from multiple angles. Firstly I feel torn (no pun intended) on the subject of prostitution in general. I am very open regarding the rights of any individual to make a living in any way they choose. As long as it is not illegal. However, in the case of prostitution, I still can’t shake the fact that it just feels morally wrong. Strangers meeting on the street or in a booth (or in a swanky lounge if you have mucho deniro), asking a price for a service and then “tapping that genitalia” that has already been “tapped” twenty times that day. GROSS.

    Now, in saying that it somehow feels different when it comes to the business of pornography. I do not feel morally conflicted or grossed out when looking at it from this perspective, but in essence isn’t it the same thing? They are selling their bodies, sexually, for money. Sure its a controlled environment and yes they are probably not strangers as such. Hey, some may even consider it an art form. But does it not fall in, if not the same then a very similar category? And does the fact that I enjoy the odd theatrical “gang bang” make me a huge hypocrite? It’s a complicated one I tell you.

    Another point that I think should be discussed is the losing of “ones virginity” under such circumstances. Whilst I will admit we should not put the loss of our virginity up on such a high pedestal, it should still be an important moment in our development no? The posting of some slutty pictures on a website, all in the hope of enticing some wealthy pervert, turned on by the thought of busting hymen, takes a little of the shine off what should be a special moment. And to be honest its creepy disgusting. Call me old fashioned, but I really don’t think your first time should be with a stranger. Let alone some sick f*** who bought your ass in an online auction. 

    I keep thinking to myself “what if this was my daughter”? To be frank, I would be mortified if this were to happen to my family. And I would certainly want to track down the mystery pervert and bust his f***ing knee caps. Does that make me ignorant in today’s world? I really don’t know.

    What I do know is this. No matter what the circumstances or how much money your going to make. No matter how glamorous you may think it is, if you sell your virginity on the internet for a price don’t dare get offended if someone calls you a whore. Because basically that is what you are. Whether it is acceptable to be one in our society or not is probably a topic which will be argued for the ages.


    In the above blog some of my opinions are clear. But in truth the whole topic is a bit of a grey area. And is certainly always open for debate. I really don’t understand why I find prostitution unacceptable, but pornography acceptable. Why one I find disgusting and the other not. I have given it some thought too but have failed to really come up with any clear answers. I am also unsure as to whether I am being ignorant on the subject. That is why I am looking forward to getting a discussion started below. Always open to finding a new perspective on life.  


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    1. Darren Cassar

      Ooh – a tough one; and I can see why it would be attractive to someone who is in a desperate situation….What if it wasn’t her virginity – just 3 million for one time sex? I am taking out the virginity part because I am going to use the example of a mother with 4 kids who is living in a slum, no husband and no income – basically almost no way to get out of the hole she is in – would it be acceptable that, for one hour of “work” she is set for life and can raise her children in a MUCH better environment? Tough call from my side….

      1. davidoziborg

        It is a very tough call. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures in some cases. But I am sure there are women who also fell on desperate times who did not turn to prostitution. I am not going to pretend that I know what it is like to be in that type of situation. In this case I am pretty sure that “Giselle” was not in any type of desperate situation and thus just did it to make money because in the “perv world” her virginity is valueable.

    2. Sean

      Very difficult. My 2 cents would be that as long as the person is of legal age, sound mind, able to make her own decisions, and acting within the confines of the law, it’s pretty much her decision. As Darren said, you can apply various contexts to excuse it, but should she really need to excuse herself?

      That said, ask me how I would feel if it were my own daughter…pretty sure my answer would change…

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