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    Breaking news. It’s just become the top story on every news website, every news paper and every news channel on planet Earth. It’s finally official. After months of pretty intense speculation, Prince Harry of Great Britain has announced his much anticipated engagement to Hollywood darling Meghan Markle. Isn’t this fantastic and important news everyone? NO ITS F***ING NOT. WHO GIVES A FLYING S***.

    Now don’t get me wrong here, I actually think Prince Harry is a pretty cool guy. He is the only member of the British Royal Family who doesn’t come off as a pretentious elitist fart. He looks like a dude, acts like a dude and seems to some extent anti Royal establishment. Yeah, I like the guy. Considering who his dad is and what happened to his mum, he’s turned out pretty OK. Even by Royal standards.

    Oh and that Meghan Markle, she’s a very special unit. Talented and beautiful, whilst I don’t know the lady, to me she just seems sweet and sexy. I tell ya, if I was younger, wealthier, better looking, slimmer and single, I would still probably have no chance. But a man is allowed to fantasise right? The things that I would do to her…. (Oh s***. It just dawned on my that my wife is going to read this and I am going to get “the treatment”). Moving swiftly on…

    Jokes aside, they look like a wonderful couple who seem to be head over heels in love. And I am happy for them. However, this is not where my angst lies. What really get’s my formerly perfect man bits in a twist is the perception from news media that this should be global headline news. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s f***ing not. 305 people dying in a terrorist attack in Egypt is a global news headline. The Great Barrier Reef receiving fertility treatment to regenerate coral which could save one of the worlds most important ecosystems is global headline news. A ginger Prince Harry asking smoking hot actress Meghan Markle to marry him IS NOT global headline news.

    Now I can understand if dedicated Entertainment portals like E! News or TMZ or People would have this as their top news story. That makes sense and that is what their demographic is looking for. And the main reason I NEVER visit those sites. But for CNN, The BBC, Fox News and The New York Times to feature it as their headline story is just kind of pathetic and STOOPID. It’s also a sign of the way the business is today. All about CLICKS. I can’t stand it when big, so called respected news portals, drag themselves down to tabloid levels. THERE ARE NO MORE STANDARDS.

    On a side note, what the f*** is this god damn obsession people have with Royalty? Especially in the UK where, let’s be honest, they serve no real purpose? I don’t get that. Can someone explain to me what the fuss is all about? From my perspective, all they are is another wealthy family, who somehow, somewhere along the line wrangled (or slept) their way into power and now believe they have some divine right to stay there. They are the poster boys and girls for elitism and the self segregated upper class. It is these people who make it increasingly difficult for the world to bridge the social divide, which is farther away now than it has probably ever been. Pisses me off. Dethrone all Monarch’s immediately. Archaic and a complete waste of time and tax money.

    Now back to Prince Harry and Meghan. Do you think they will release a sex tape?



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    1. Sean

      i would agree with you regarding the amount of news coverage it gets. It is a little obscene given what just happened in Egypt which just got another brush-off-the-shoulder headline.

      That said, The Royal family do actually intrigue me and I think it is unfair to say they do nothing at all. The monarchy in the UK is a big deal for a variety of reasons. They won’t be dethroned, as nobody will truly want a republic. The monarchy is pat of their country like pastizzi and ftajjar are part of ours. They are icons and probably do a great deal of good when it comes to tourism in the UK. Just think of the changing of the guards, Buckingham Palace, etc.

      Furthermore, they do a great deal for charitable causes and raise awareness on issues that do need awareness raised. It is unfair to label them as elitist alone as they do strive to stand for moral judgement, correctness, and properness.

      The world is changing very rapidly, in my opinion for the worse. I think the monarchy in the UK advocates for better, and does not seem to harm anyone. Sure they sit on incredible wealth, but they have also kept the county enriched. Waste of tax money? Perhaps. But so much tax payer money is wasted on stupid things in the UK (like the House of Lords), i think the monarchy should be the least of their worries.

      Social divide will not be bridged by removing the monarchy. Social divide thrives in any capitalist country, including ours. we dont have a monarchy in Malta, yet social divide and racism appears on the up and up.

      In the meantime, maybe we can all get distracted by some frivolous news such as a royal engagement…

      1. davidoziborg

        Hey Sean.

        Not sure I agree with most of your points. Whilst I am an advocate for tradition overall, if you are going to keep a monarchy in place “just for tourists” or tradition it seems an awfully big waste of resources. Fair play on the charity thing, but I also do a lot for charity. I doubt this defines or justifies my existence. And I really don’t think they advocate for better either. I think the are the example of an mostly untalked about element of society and a constant reminder of the dominance of power.

        They are overall rather harmless, but I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. In a democratic society they serve no purpose, so in essence it is only about perception and control.

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