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  • 50 IN 50 – 12 WEEKS DOWN

    I heard a quote once upon a time which keeps popping into my head in the current climate. “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope”. One of the most inspirational figures throughout the history of mankind said those words. During a time in which humanity faced quite different challenges than we face now, but big challenges all the same. No matter the difficult situation, the words of Martin Luther King always hold true.

    It is a disappointing time. Mankind is facing a difficult moment and it weighs heavy on us all. Myself included. It still feels difficult to understand, almost surreal. As if not direct reality but some inter-dimensional cosmic force, invisible yet hovering over us. Humanity has faced difficult times many times before however, emerging triumphant in it’s survival. So we must embrace infinite hope. In some respects we should allow it to engulf our lives, as it is only this mindful positivity that will see us come out the other end a far greater people.

    I keep saying to myself, in terms of my 50 in 50 challenge, that the timing of this pandemic could not have been worse. For someone with a history of comfort eating, this challenges intensity in the moment has multiplied a thousand fold. Somewhat miraculously though I am still commanding and conquering. Still strong in the fight. It is taking a great amount of strength, however I take great courage from the fact that thus far I am unbreakable. I hope you too can find some courage through me, to fight your own battles and prevail victorious.

    There are many individual battles in life. Just be sure that you always remain the one left standing.

    To the challenge itself. In our last update I weighed in at 147 kg. In 10 weeks I had managed to trim off 18.4 kg of extra weight, maintaining the challenge. Pushing forward. It has been two weeks since then. Every day has been a battle. Being isolated indoors and imprisoned within my own mind has pushed me closer to the edge than at any point during my journey. Every part of my being wants to snack all day. I feel it in my very core. My every instinct. At times I start to feel anxious, low, angry, as if the world is against me. Unable to cut me a break. Still though, I am managing. Still I am winning.

    In the first week since the last update I did magnificently well. Diet was spot on, unwavering, militant. I was so delighted with it. Added to which I finally found the mental strength to get back to exercising as well. To be completely honest, since the outbreak I have found motivation lacking. Depression has been evident, albeit controlled. Willingness to get out and move was at an all time low. In week 11 I was able to finally break the shackles. Started some walking and even some jogging.

    I know, you want to know the results, no more delaying.

    2.2 kilograms lost in one week is a little more than I expected. My target is 1 kilogram a week. Not every week is the same though. It swings.

    As you can clearly see it was another great week. Down 2.2 kilograms and a huge milestone knocked off. I broke the 20 kilogram barrier. 20.7 kilograms lost in 11 weeks. At this stage I want to point out something painfully obvious. Some of you may be reading this and saying “I could never do that. Lose 20 kilograms. Impossible”. Trust me, if I can do it you can do it. All it takes is making a decision and then committing to it. Like you have probably done in so many other areas of your life.

    My own personal mantra since starting this journey is quite simple in essence. It can be summed up in four easy words. NO MORE FUCKING EXCUSES! Once you commit and continue to remind yourself of that, you will be successful. Believe in yourself. If you really want it, you can have it.

    Another week has passed since, and another weigh in earlier in the week. Week 12 was a real bitch. I had previously warned you that it swings, you will have good weeks and not so good weeks. From beginning of this week till the end, my body just craved food. Being at home all the time, work being really slow, elements of depression creeping in, anxiety up, all pushed my mind to tell me one thing. EAT EAT FUCKING EAT! Thankfully, I managed to keep some kind of control on the situation. However, no weight loss.

    Gained a whopping 100 grams. Disaster, end of the world…. well not really!

    Gained 100 grams. Honestly, I bloody hate it when I don’t lose at least something each week. However, the key is to focus on the bigger picture. The overall target. This is not a short term fix, but a long term solution. Knowing that keeps me sane sometimes when really and truly I want to bang my head against the wall. In reality, I am 12 weeks into my challenge and I have still lost more than 20 kilograms. If that is not something to be happy about, then nothing ever will be.

    I’ve been promising to share some of my tips and secrets, so here is a good one for you to use in your weight loss journey. As you know my approach is calorie counting. Setting myself a target (2100 kcal) per day and staying under it. Having the right tools to help with this is imperative. That is why I use an app called MyFitnessPal. This particular app helps you to input everything you eat in the day and calculate your calories and macro nutrients (i.e. carbs, proteins, fats, etc).

    You can stay on top of your diet, keep a log of your weight, add any exercise and fitness you are doing and so on. It really helps you understand what you are doing with your body and is a constant reminder of what needs to be done to achieve your goals. I have now used the app for 94 days in a row. You cannot underestimate how helpful a tool like this can be. I believe you can use the free version, but purchasing the full app is more than worth it at approximately €3.50 a month. An investment in yourself you truly won’t regret.

    Android users, you can click on the following link to download the app today. for you Apple users, just search myfitnesspal in the apple store.

    It is at this juncture that I would like to make my final plea. For feedback, questions, whatever. I am here to help, I want to help. What can I share with you? Give me ideas of what you want me to write about in my next update. Send me updates of your own journeys. Finally, if there is anything specific you would like to ask me, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE. Drop a comment in the section below or contact me privately via the OzUncut Facebook page.

    Until the next time…

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    1. Eric Wadge

      Hi Oz, like you I am trying to loose weight. I’m in my 5th week right now. Progress is slow but relatively steady. I know I can loose weight. I’ve lost weight all my adult life. I’ve also put on weight all my adult life.

      I’ve never managed to keep the weight off. It is like a switch. One moment and maybe for months I am all in on weight loss and then one day I switch back to eating like I don’t care. I’ve never managed to make a permanent change from dieting to making it a lifestyle.

      Because I have lost weight so many times and always put it back on, it is hard to believe I will retain the weight loss long term. Nevertheless, I’m not giving up. I haven’t resigned to be a fat bloke for the rest of my life.

      1. davidoziborg

        Hey Eric,

        I hear you mate. I have been the same all my adult life as well. Honestly though, I finally realised that making excuses doesn’t work anymore. If you want to lose the weight, make the decision and do it. Commit to the lifestyle change and keep reminding yourself.

        Otherwise, be happy with you are and just enjoy your life and who you are…

        But I can hear you want to do it…. so JUST DO IT. xxxooo

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