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    So I sat down over the weekend and caught up on a little news as I do. Trying to keep myself up to date and relevant, which seems to be increasingly difficult these days. So there I am, checking out the headlines on a popular news website when I came across a piece of news that shook me. Actually it did a little more than that. It made me want to take the next flight out to Tanzania and break some necks. What happened you might ask? I will tell you what happened. President John Magufuli, in his recent Independence Day speech, announced that he was to pardon two criminals imprisoned for being CHILD RAPISTS!. WTF?

    Let me repeat myself in case your having trouble contemplating. Tanzania, set free from prison two convicted child rapists. Two animals who were sentenced to life in prison for raping ten girls between the ages of six and eight. BETWEEN THE AGES OF SIX AND EIGHT! Apparently President Magufuli believes he has personally “corrected their behaviour” and they are no longer a threat to society. They had served thirteen years of their life sentence.

    Now, I fully understand that Tanzania is very far away from being Malta, Paris or New York. Totally different culture and way of thinking. But frankly, I don’t give a f*** if you are a cave dweller from the deepest, darkest corner of the amazon jungle. If any man forces himself sexually on a f***ing six year old child he should never see freedom ever again. Hell, I’ll even take it one step further. In any case where there is irrefutable evidence of guilt of raping a child, the perpetrator should be put to death immediately. No waiting ten years, no stays of execution. Swift and just capital punishment.

    I truly don’t care what any potential anti capital punishment hipster might have to say either. You will never convince me to alter my perception. They say every human life is valuable, well I am sorry. You rape a six year old kid you’re f***king worthless. They say every human has a right to live. Sorry. NOPE. The moment you become a child rapist and annihilator of innocent life you’ve flushed your rights down the toilet. Simple as that. It is time for accountability to actually mean something.

    When it comes to stories like this I am afraid I cannot control the darker side of my emotions. I find myself deeply sympathetic to the physical and emotional distress the child must have endured. Not to mention trying to understand the pain of spending the rest of their lives having to battle to repair a fractured existence. Life was predominantly taken away from these children before they even had the chance to live it. And anyone who is responsible for such destruction deserves the absolute harshest of human punishments.

    As for President John Magufuli, a man who has a history of not recognising children as victims, you sir are a complete waste of human flesh. You could have chosen to free a petty thief or white collar criminal. Instead you freed two child rapists and set them back into society. Well done dip s***.




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