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    Another Premier League prediction challenge has passed and it was another tricky week for competitors. Chelsea losing to West Ham as well as Arsenal and Liverpool only managing draws went against the prediction grain. In fact not one of our competitors predicted the Chelsea or Liverpool games correctly. And only three predicted the Arsenal game correctly. So it was a tough week. In fact the average score was a very poor 3.64/10.

    But before we move on to this rounds results, two things. First I would like to welcome a few newcomers to the Prediction Challenge. Steve Cassar, Rob Grech and Warren Zahra have entered the fray. Welcome aboard fellas and happy predicting. And a word of advice, don’t let a horrible round deter you. That is just how the game works. It’s a lot more difficult that one would think.

    Secondly, let’s have a quick look back to what happened last week. Grant Booth and Emanuel Lewis both had super rounds of 8/10 which was just enough for them to share the title and bragging rights. With an average score of 5.73/10 it was a decent round for the group as a whole also. The big question is, did either Grant or Emanuel manage to hold on to the title?

    Well the simple answer is no. 🙂 The scoring was so low this week that we have FIVE competitors who take the honours. Although with scores of 5/10 I am not sure any of them will be bragging much. Rambert Attard, Jack Bailey, George Caruana, Andrew Scibberas and Adam Vella kudos to you all. You were the best of a pretty miserable bunch. As for the worst? Well it would not be in my nature to let slide a 1/10 score. Two our competitors managed that this week. Mark Warner and newcomer Rob Grech, you seem like top fellas but a strategy change might be in order.

    So where does that leave our leaderboard and average scores tables? My very wonderful self was leading as of last round on the leaderboard. While Grant Booth and Emanuel Lewis were leading our inaugural average score board. And I can tell you very little has changed. See the following tables to see where you’re currently placing.

    Well I am still top of the leaderboard, on the basis that I have played the most rounds with Mark Tierney. But the gap is now tighter than a nuns vagina. The pack is closing in and it might not be long before we have a change at the top. Mr. Booth currently leads the average score table and to be fair the lad is doing well. An average of 5.7/10 is pretty decent going and he is the clear leader at this moment. But things can change pretty quickly, so will he still be top by weeks end?

    Which leads me to my reminder for all of you that there are mid week games in the Premier League which kick of this evening at 20.45 CET. For those of you who haven’t got your predictions in, don’t leave it too late now. The clock is ticking. All the fixtures can be found in the link below. It’s round 12.

    Finally, in case you were wondering, we had a postponed game in the Serie A this weekend which will now be played tonight. Therefore I will be releasing the results of the round tomorrow around lunchtime.

    Thank you all for helping us to grow. Slowly we are getting more people involved, which means more competition and more banter. Keep it up gang.

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