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    Liverpool Premier League Title Race Football Passion

    Unfortunately, the headline says it all. I have all of a sudden become a football hypocrite. It is very difficult for me to come to terms with it as well. Whilst I am a passionate Liverpool fan, and have been my whole life, I have always taken a stand. I have been a keen advocate of keeping things realistic, and understanding footballs place in the overall importance of life. I have preached this to many I know, and via the airwaves to many I don’t.

    This is where my acceptance of hypocrisy comes to light. Over the past two weeks I have failed miserably in practicing what I preach, which in essence makes me a hypocrite. There are two clear examples of where I have let myself down. The first came just over two weeks ago when Liverpool left the pitch at the Nou Camp in Barcelona after being beaten heavily in the first leg of the Champions League Semi Final.

    It finished 3-0 to Barca, and I am honest when I say the result crushed me. I was literally full on depressed for 2-3 days afterwards. It wasn’t because of the result mind you, not at all. Liverpool have had heavy defeats before which I had no problem accepting, simply because we deserved it. But that wasn’t the case against Barcelona where I watched my beloved Liverpool put in one of the best European performances that I had ever seen and still leave the field heavy losers. At the same time almost certainly ending their run in the competition.

    Amazingly, Liverpool being Liverpool, just 6 days later put in their best European performance, probably ever, to crush Barca 4-0 and progress to the final. Such mixed emotions. Then I was on a massive high for 3 days. Incredible. Alas, I would again soon be a hypocrite once more.

    Going into yesterday’s final day of the Premier League season, I had a very steady head on my shoulders. I knew that the likely hood of Manchester City dropping points away to Brighton was somewhere in the “no fucking way” percentile. But, I still had hope, even though my head told me that I should accept it probably wouldn’t happen. So I thought that knowledge would help me to take the days event with a pinch of salt.

    NOPE. Today I am crushed again. Heart broken. Don’t get me wrong, I could not be more proud of Liverpool Football Club right now. It has been an amazing season in which we as fans could not have asked for more. But it is the nature of having a title winning season, without winning the title that has slapped me like a wet fish. For once, we deserved to win the title this year. Of that I have no doubt. All the statistics suggest as much. However the only statistic that counts says otherwise. Manchester City 98, Liverpool 97. It will take me a few days to get over this one I am afraid.

    I admit I have been a hypocrite. But my mistake was trying to sell a false story to begin with. I lied to you all, and for that I apologise. To me, football is not just a game. It is much, much more. I do not see Liverpool Football Club as just a hobby or side interest. No, my passion and love for the club runs far deeper than that. It will always be one of the great loves of my life till the day I die.

    So the message here is simple. Love football, be passionate about it and take the emotional swings in your stride and embrace them. It is a part of the game. There is no shame in being genuinely upset by failure or misfortune, it just makes the love of your club genuine, as it should be. For those who do not understand or would look down on our emotions for football, I feel sad for you. You have no idea what you’re missing.

    Give this one a read from a couple of weeks ago. The match is mentioned above.

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    1. Eric Wadge

      My father in law is an avid Liverpool fan, has been for ages. I used to be bemused when he would leave parties/the dining table etc. to go watch Liverpool play.

      This season saw me take a mild interest and soon I found myself keeping an eye on the premier league table standings. Slowly I was getting hooked. The 2nd LIverpool Barca game sealed it for me.

      Not a bad time to become a Liverpool fan.

      1. davidoziborg

        Wadge, welcome aboard my friend…. its a special family you are joining. And you are right you picked a great time to see the light.

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