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This week I was unable to watch the race

I looked to my wife, it was etched on her face

As she stood there firm with that finality frown

It was painfully clear that her foot had gone down

So I followed the news quite intent on my feed

Waiting for the sign that the cars had been freed

And low and behold in the blink of an eye

Seb, Kimi and Max had to say their goodbyes

As I sat through my lunch and I watched out for more

I found out that Lewis had slipped through the door

The lucky old sod found himself in first place

I wonder for once was there a smile on his face

From that moment on there was not much to say

It was frightfully obvious it was Lewis’ day

And whilst that one thought made me physically sick

My conciliation was second for my boy Dani Ricc.

Now to end this fine rhyme with a short proclamation

My love for all sports has become a vocation

But one thing I’ve finally learn’t out of life

If you want to live well don’t dare F**K with your wife









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