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    I must admit, I am a bit sensitive when it comes to emotions. I tend to think of myself as being very much like a sponge. In the sense that whenever there is tragedy, anger or sadness, even if not related directly to me, i tend to feel it personally. I am not exactly sure as to why this is, but it has been that way for a very long time. I guess its just the way I am built. The tragic road incident that happened here in Luqa yesterday was one of those that hit me straight away.

    First and foremost my thoughts are very much with Simon Schembri and his entire family. As you know by now the Police Officer was struck by a car in Luqa and dragged some distance. He currently remains in a critical but stable condition. Hopefully he pulls through this tragic moment in his life, but what is for certain is that he will never be the same again.

    This in itself is the greatest of tragedies. A man fulfilling his duty to protect and serve. Callously mowed down to within an inch of his life. The pain his family must be in currently, a wife and three children in despair. Having one of your loved ones in such a terrible state, not knowing if he will ever wake up again. So absolutely heart breaking. I really feel for anyone in this situation and cant really begin to imagine the pain and suffering they are going through.

    But there is another very real tragic side to this Luqa story. And that is the fact that two families lives have been changed forever. The family of the perpetrator must also currently be in dire straits. To know that one of your own flesh and blood is capable of such acts must be heart breaking in itself. But to also face the realisation that they will likely miss a great majority of his life, will also be haunting them. Dare I say it, another family that will never be the same.

    When it comes to the perpetrator once more, I am a little more confused as to how I am feeling. In no way can I ever condone his acts. What he did in Luqa yesterday was a heinous, disgusting criminal act and he should be punished to the full extent of the law. Of that I have no doubt. But I have a tiny smidgen of sympathy purely because he is one so young.  At the age of 17, a great majority of us have done some very stupid things. Myself definitely included.

    Your decision making ability at that age isn’t exactly polished if you know what I mean. And I am just speculating here, but the thought had crossed my mind that what might of began as a fear of being caught, may have led this young man down a succession of terrible decisions that has changed the entire course of his life. If that is the case, then I might be able to garner up a little bit of sympathy for him.

    However, should the young man have already turned to the dark side, and show little sign of remorse, that little bit of sympathy would instantaneously turn to disgust. I’ve read that he has been in trouble with police before. But really and truly, I have no reference point to really judge these things. They are just the thoughts that have popped into my head over the past 24 hours.

    Tragedies happen all the time. It’s just a part of the world we live in. Doesn’t make it any easier for us to deal with. And it certainly doesn’t help those directly affected. I wonder if there is any justice in this somewhat cruel world. As for me, should there be, Simon Schembri would make a full recovery and perhaps return to what might be some resemblance of a normal life with him and his family. In the meantime, while I don’t pray, my deepest of thoughts will remain with him and his family.



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    1. Michael Debono

      Oz, your article is really heartfelt and shows how this tragedy has affected the national psyche. However, for the sake of justice and also to give an example to others, I truly wish that the Courts will when the time comes to mete the punishment, take in consideration that this policeman was doing his duty and got mowed down in a savage manner. Our courts should send a message that our Men in Blue should be defended.

      1. davidoziborg

        I agree totally with that. Everything should be taken into account when the trial begins and no doubt he should be punished accordingly.

    2. Phil hudson

      Well thought out, intelligent and sincere words Oz…listen every morning and although some times i am sure the protaganist in you and the love of stirring things adds to the entertainment..on serious matters i share many of your rants…keep it up my friend..even if it may feel sometimes your the only sane one in the assylum !!…..or is that just

      1. davidoziborg

        Hey Phil. Thank you mate. Very nice of you to say. Yes its true, some times I feel quite “unique” in my views to say the least…

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