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    I want to start this little write up by saying that I have nothing personal against traffic wardens. On the contrary. I can imagine being a warden is a tough job which is unlikely to pay very well. I can only imagine the amount of abuse they get when dishing out contraventions to hoards of frustrated drivers. It cannot be easy, being out in the sun and on your feet all day. I do have some sympathy.

    But in saying that, there is still something that they are doing that is winding me up something chronic. It is something that has been infuriating me for quite a while now. And I want to get the word out there so maybe there is a chance to affect a change. It’s in relation to one particular scenario or contravention, in which drivers are being punished, which is making my blood boil. Alright out with it. When I see wardens, lurking at the end of a tunnel, waiting to catch some unsuspecting innocent who has forgotten to turn on their lights, it drives me effing bananas.

    And here is why I think it is so wrong. I believe that it is totally unnatural for a human to remember to switch on their lights during BROAD DAYLIGHT. Sorry, it just is. And to be honest, its totally unnecessary. I have driven in many different countries over the years. And passed through many different tunnels. There is not one instance that I can remember where it was “by law” that you had to switch on your cars lights when entering a tunnel during the day time. NOT ONCE.

    And the reason? The reason is that all the tunnels I refer to had more than enough artificial lighting installed so as to make it unnecessary. Enough light, so as drivers would not need to remember to switch their lights on when entering a tunnel. And then once again have to remember to switch their lights off when exiting. Christ, don’t we have enough stuff to remember in our daily lives?

    Personally, I have been rather lucky. Due to the fact that some might call me “anal”, I seem to have the knack for remembering this particular “so called law” when entering a tunnel. However, by the looks of it, a lot of drivers are not so lucky. Every time I see some poor schmuck, pulled over to the side of road by a warden, fined for not having their lights on in a tunnel, I see red. It feels to me like an injustices is being done and I don’t like it.

    And how about the way that wardens rather theatrically wave people over to the side of the road? I don’t know if its me, but it seems neither correct or safe. And I am surprised that they haven’t caused a lot of accidents as a result. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t they supposed to have “STOP” paddles to signal for drivers to pull over? I believe, by law, they are obliged to.

    Again, this is not supposed to sound like a tirade against wardens. My feeling is that it is not their fault. In fact I am pretty sure that they are being directed to take these positions and to issue these contraventions. I bloody hope they are anyway. Because if not, that becomes a serious case of assholiness.  My problem is with the law itself.

    And that is why I would like to make this appeal. If we can share this article around, maybe we can affect a change. If this article can reach one or two people with the power to make a difference, then perhaps something can be done. As to me the solution is a relatively simple one. Upgrade all the bloody lights in tunnels so as it would no longer be mandatory for drivers to need to use their lights. I mean, really, it wouldn’t take much effort at all. And I can’t imagine it would be costly either.

    Mhux we change a few bulbs?

    As a final point, I would like to see wardens used more efficiently in general. And concentrating on the more serious of contraventions. Such as speeding, driving while using a mobile or driving without a seat belt. Even smoking in cars with children, which is now illegal, but which no one seems to give a crap about. Let them concentrate on the kind of law breaking that can have serious consequences. Not waiting at the end of a tunnel waiting to see if someone forgot their lights. Or sitting below a crane, pretending to direct traffic, while actually doing very little at all. Would someone please give these poor souls some god damn direction.



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    1. Jim

      Actually its the reason cyclists cant ride through tunnels. Problem is the tunnel walls are not reflective and soot black. Part of the problem of vehicle pollution on porous limestone. Light just wanders around and gets lost. Look at the new tunnel to Valletta from Dec13th nice and bright. And yes seems it will cost a fortune to fix.

      1. davidoziborg

        Interesting point of view. Thanks Jim. Clearly something needs to be done. I find it ridiculous that fines are being dished out for this particular infringement. And cyclist in tunnels? Only if you have a death wish right… I feel sorry for cyclists here. Its such a small country with such a dense traffic situation, that it is super dangerous.

    2. Roderick

      I am not sure if the requirement to switch on the light in a tunnel was introduced just in case there is a power failure and the tunnel would end up unlit, hence as a safety precaution, drivers were asked to switch on their lights when entering a tunnel.

      1. davidoziborg

        That might make sense. I think it is fine to “recommend” that drivers put their car lights on in the tunnel. However to start then fining drivers who forget I think is bang out of order. In my opinion it goes against our natural way of thinking to turn on our lights during the day.

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