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    So once again this week I have been mystified by events that I have seen take place. And I feel the need to bring it to the attention of any desperate soul that will listen.

    If you so happen to be a resident of Malta you may have heard that in January of this year legislation was put into place that made it illegal for any adult to smoke in a vehicle in the presence of children under the age of 18. When I heard the news I was obviously firmly in favor as to my mind it is just common sense. Considering what we know about the effects of second hand smoke on any human being let alone children, I believe most people, smokers or otherwise could see the merit of this legislation.

    Alas, when driving this week I encountered several scenarios where an adult driver was smoking with children in the vehicle. In light of this my argument here (or severe displeasure) is two fold.

    Firstly, what is the f***king point of putting a new law into legislation when there is absolutely no way in reality it can be enforced to the level required to make anyone fear repercussions? Somebody please answer me that question. What is the point? Is it just to score “political points” with the thinking that ones voter rating will improve with such a manouvre? Because surely those in power already know that when it comes to enforcement little difference will be made.

    On the other side why are they not trying to improve enforcement? Please correct me if I am wrong here. I doubt that the police force is inundated with murders, rapes or other high profile crime activity, so would it not make sense to have more of them out on the streets? Wouldn’t it also make sense to have local wardens, who mostly lurk in the dark shadow’s hoping to catch someone who has forgotten to put their f***king lights on in the tunnel, more focused on enforcing these smoking violations?

    Now for my second point and the one which is far more difficult for me to fathom. How is it that a parent, or lets just say an adult in general, can put their own desperate need for a nicotine fix over the health of a child? Because in essence that is what they are doing. I fail to believe that their is one single person out their who does not know that smoking is bad for you. I am also pretty sure that the majority have also at one point or another run into someone or something that has explained the effects of second hand smoke, so I refuse to allow them to claim ignorance. It is a personal choice and they are choosing themselves over children. Absolutely bloody shameful.

    Authorities urgently need to repair the currently broken enforcement system, get on it. And as for us, society, we all need to be making an effort to be a lot better, if not for us then at least for our children.

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    1. Rachel

      Well F6 said!!!!common sense over selfishness please!

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