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    Another weekend of football in England and Italy has passed. This means we have another round of results from our prediction challenge to unveil. And I am delighted to say we are adding more and more people to the challenge every week. Firstly welcome to all newcomers. In case you did absolutely positively s***house like myself, don’t be disheartened. Predicting is not what you would call and exact science by any means. Happy to have you all involved and don’t forget to spread the word and get your football friends and family involved.

    Last week that annoying fella that we all love to hate, Grant Booth, took the weekly title of Premier League champion. Whilst an extremely average performance by myself somehow managed to clinch the Serie A title. It was so pathetic in fact that I felt absolutely no desire to gloat whatsoever. Which is extremely unlike me.

    Now the big question, do we have new champions this week? Has someone finally been able to beat Grant “The Rabbits Foot” Booth? Well let’s take a look at this weeks OzUncut Prediction Challenge results.


    Well, it was a pretty sad prediction week in the PL, but still a title we must give. Four bastards, who are not me, take the glory with a decidedly average 5/10. I guess congratulations go to Adam Vella, Emanuel Lewis, Mark Tierney and Alan Attard who are officially this weeks champions. I apologise for not being more excited, however the reasons are two fold. Firstly I hate losing, its just the blue blood in me. And secondly lets be clear, we all kind of sucked this week. But fair play to the winners, may you enjoy your mid level glory for 7 whole days.

    A special mention must go to Josef Bonello who broke the record for lowest score EVER. A miserable 2/10. If only you hadn’t predicted a Liverpool win you would have crept out of the basement. Being a United supporter that must have KILLED YOU. Better luck next week pal.


    On to the Serie A. Most of us had a cracking week here, but none so more than our CHAMPION Frankie Furetto. When a competitor manages to correctly guess 9/10 results you just have to take off your hat, toupee or underwear and bow to their greatness. Mr. Furetto well done sir. With the lowest score being 5/10 I think all competitors put in a really solid effort.


    Well I am disappointed to say my accumulator this week was a loser. I admit the Napoli match could have gone either way, but of course it had to be Mourinho and United to pile drive me from behind. So far my accumulator stats are 1 win 3 losses. I really need a winner next week for sure. Watch this space.

    If things get desperate I may even consult with The Rabbits Foot or Frankie “Rocco” Furetto to get things back on track.

    Don’t forget to keep an eye out Friday lunchtime for our next edition of the OZUNCUT PREDICTION CHALLENGE with another round of league games just a around the corner. Also you can easily subscribe to and you will get an email message every time a new post is uploaded, so that way you will get your weekly reminder for the challenge. You can find where to subscribe on the left side of the home page. Finally, don’t forget to spread the word and get your friends into it, the more the merrier and the bigger the challenge. And the more people I have to be mad with when they kick my ass.

    Till the weeks end I bid you farewell.

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    1. Emanuel Lewis

      “And secondly lets be clear, we all kind of sucked this week”
      hear hear


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