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    Most Arsenal fans were initially skeptical with the engagement of Arteta knowing well that more experienced managers in the likes of Pocchettino, Simeone and Allegri were also available. Questions were raised why the least inexperienced manager was brought in. In hindsight, Unai Emery had plenty of experience but none of it was proven at the club. Arteta has brought in self-discipline, self-belief and a better team spirit within.

    However, the hope of all Gooners is still being questioned mainly due to the, at times, mediocre performances seen in the first games of this season’s pandemic league (if I may). The team is still struggling to outgun their opponents and win games, be it with top or lower teams. Moreover, our defence still looks shaky with heart-stopping moments every time the back four decide to play Russian roulette with their disorganised goal kicks.

    There are many behind-the-scenes decisions which all fans are questioning. The hype behind buying Saliba last year at £27M, then agreeing to loan him immediately, and this year not being played, not even in the Europa League squad, leaves many baffled faces. A very unfair treatment in my opinion. Arteta also seems to have a slight dislike for Lacazette and makes it obvious by preferring to play William as centre forward in the last game against Man City, despite it not being his position, and which did not warrant any penetrative outcome upfront.

    Far from it. The criticism after the game was quite evident in terms of supporting a team which is way too defensive and lacks that overall team structure to show being a serious threat in the opposing field.  Arsenal do have the second best defensive record this year after Villa, but it is the points won that make the table, and we seem to be lacking that eagerness and strength to show this on the pitch.

    Pinpointing never helps in such situations but questions are being raised on the overall reliability of players like Bellerin, Pepe, Xhaka, Holding as well as our keeper Leno. Hopefully with the introduction of Partey to the fore, we will see a more cohesive pattern in combining the defence with midfield to ultimately feed the attack. This is still to be seen so nobody is holding their breath. Pundits still doubt the true force this year of Arsenal being a top 4 team. I tend to agree. The squad seems to be lagging behind the bigger clubs and are currently not proving to be a front runner. The current stats against the big 6 clubs in the past years is quite an embarrassment.

    What will it take to bring back the glory days of Adams, Keown, Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and Vieira? Having a disinterested major shareholder in Kroenke does not help at all (unless we were in the American football world!) It hurts to see Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Spurs and also Wolves, spend big and well. The market which has just closed could have offered so many options for the Gunners. Thiago was available but we whimpered as usual and ‘Pool just cashed in. We signed Partey minutes before deadline after having negotiated for weeks on end.

    And what about the Aouar to and fro negotiations which fell through? Was that embarrassing or what ? History repeats itself when it comes to the Arsenal transfer market. Last but not least, one needs to mention the Ozil saga which can be described as a total disgrace or just a pique between player and club. Ozil is not even in the 25-man squad for this year’s premier league ! On a £350K per week wage. My two pence, send him off. He is more of a deterrent to the club’s ambition than anything else.

    I believe in Arteta but it will take time, possibly a couple of seasons, to bear the fruit. Question is : have Arsenal fans run out of patience in seeing the club settle for solely the yearly bridesmaid trophy or  just the Europa League inclusion for the also-rans ? Time will tell. Until then, COYG.

    Article written by Arsenal fan, Gunnersaurus.

    Agree? Disagree? Have something to add? Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated. So get to it and leave your comments below….

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    1. John

      A good read all across. Agree totally. The Ozil enigma will linger on and creates unnecessary distractions where not needed. My views on Ozil are simple : a spoilt brat on the pitch, lazy Asian be during his last games, walking unceremoniously during the game. No pity from my end. I envy his pay cheque though. No wonder he smiles all across his social media. Who wouldn’t? Shame.

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