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Marcus Rashford, what a man, incredible professional and human being he’s
become. Let’s put some respect on his name, over the last few months the
things he has fought for and achieved off the pitch are absolutely incredible.
Not to mention his recent exploits on the pitch.

This is what Champions League nights are all about !

Rashy just loves a late winner in Paris doesn’t he ? At the time of writing, it’s
the morning after United’s win over PSG and what a performance that was by
Ole’s men. They were a compact, organised side who created chances and gave that
PSG back line a hard time all game. It was hard to see anything but a United
win until Martial headed the ball into his own net from a corner, making the
game 1-1 and, although both teams were pushing, a winner was looking
unlikely. Until of course Paul Pogba passed the ball to Rashford on the edge
of the box who got past his man and drove a powerful low driven shot into
the bottom left corner and scored to make it 2-1 for the visitors.

With that being said Marcus Rashford overall had a mixed game often getting
into good positions but lacked the final product in the attacking third. But
good players are capable of not doing much for 80 minutes and winning you
the game anyway. The past few games have been pretty much the same
story for the young winger but after a back injury that kept him sidelined for
three months last season, he seems close to being back to his best.
Manchester United fans can take a sigh of relief to see their academy
superstar matching his on Field performances to that of his work off the pitch.

Marcus Rashford the Human Being.

Marcus Rashford MBE, the work this man has done for children in poverty in
the UK is nothing short of fantastic. His fight for vulnerable children during
the pandemic started when the government was set to end a voucher
scheme, which saw over 1.3 Million Children entitled to 15 quid a week for
meals. Rashford wrote an open Letter to the MP’s urging them to “make the
U-turn and make protecting the lives of some of our most vulnerable a top
priority “.

His campaign was a great success with Boris Johnson himself coming out and
congratulating the England star for his achievement. Rashford has gone on to
collect 20 Million Pounds for his cause and has said that he will continue to be
a voice for these children and that the fight is not over. He was awarded for
his work with an MBE title by none other than the queen of England herself
and has made his fans, family and friends incredibly proud of the England

What’s next for the Red Devils ?

Manchester United and therefore Marcus Rashford now have a tough set of
fixtures coming up. Let’s see if Rashford can help lead his team to more
victories considering the teams less than desirable performances before the
international break.

With Rumours of Pocchettino being ready to replace Ole at any given
moment, he’ll need to get the best out of this team in order to avoid the same
fate of his predecessors.

Written By Reuben Scerri 21/10/2020

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