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    That my friends has now become the question. The silly season is officially underway. Which means Liverpool fans, and all football fans, will be on tenterhooks. Nervously refreshing their Twitter feed every three minutes or so to see what is the latest breaking transfer news. Of which 90% will be utter bulls**t. But just the same our obsession overtakes any understanding of common sense or reality. C’est La Vie. As with the summer past, the next 28 days or so for Liverpool fans will all be about Philippe Coutinho.

    Will Coutinho finally get the move he so, so craves? Will football giants and royal pains in the arse, Barcelona, finally get their man after a six month barrage of underhanded transfer tactics and media misinformation? Well, if you were to go on the current perception of the media in Spain, you would have to say its a dead certainty. Not that they are trust worthy in any way, shape or form. But for me, more concerning is the recent flow of articles coming out of UK news sources. Which seem to all be leaning towards the opinion that Liverpool FC have softened their stance on the Coutinho issue. And that they may be willing to let him go in the winter transfer window for the right price. What is that old saying? There is no smoke without fire.

    Personally, I think it would be absolute madness to let Coutinho go in this transfer window. Surely it can do nothing but disrupt what is turning out to be a season in which there are clear signs of progress. It just would not make sense. I see no way in which Liverpool Football Club will benefit from selling him now. Some might say that you cannot hold onto a player who does not want to be at the club. And that is a fair and valid point. Which is why the situation is in essence a lot more complicated than one would think.

    If Liverpool FC decide to sell, clearly they will risk disruption of this seasons forward momentum. However, in saying that, whilst Coutinho’s professionalism has been exemplary since his failed summer move, how long can we realistically expect that to stay the case if he is denied his dream move? He is only human after all. While he remains desperate to be a Barcelona player, sooner or later it will no doubt affect both his performances and his attitude. Which you would have think will in turn affect the overall team performance. If Liverpool FC sell, there is absolutely no way he can be replaced in the short term to help the rest of the season. For even if a big name player did come into replace him, there will no doubt be a bedding in period before any player can truly settle into new surroundings.

    With all this said, my biggest overall concern by a potential Coutinho departure is the creativity from midfield. As let’s be honest, he is the only current midfielder who has any. All the front players have creativity in abundance, but in the centre of the park, Coutinho aside I just don’t see it. Can, Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum whilst energetic and solid all lack that creative spark, vision and courage to make something happen. And with Lallana far from being match fit, it becomes a real concern.

    To me there is only one real solution which can benefit all three parties. Like with Naby Keita, agree a deal with Barcelona for Coutinho to join the Catalan club in the summer. That way, Barca, who don’t really need him now, will get their man and appease their fans. Coutinho himself will get his dream move and have something to look forward to. And Liverpool FC will keep the player to solidify their push for the top 4 and a shot at the Champions League title. As well as having the time to prepare for the transition. This is the only solution that makes sense.

    To be honest, it breaks my heart to see Coutinho so desperate to leave us. I crave so badly a day when players will be able to realise all their dreams at Liverpool Football Club. And judging by the way things are going, that may on the horizon. For now though we must be realistic. The top, top players will always dream of bigger things. Consistently competing for titles year in year out. And that is what Coutinho is. A top, top player. Until a time when our own club is back competing regularly, we will have to continue witnessing the departures of our heroes. Hopefully though this will not be for too much longer.



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    1. Grant Booth

      I don’t think he’ll leave this month. What I do think will happen though is a deal will be agreed for him to move in the summer (maybe this has already happened?) I don’t think he’ll go because he can’t play in the champions league if he does and as quality a player he is, he will still need time to settle in, does he want to risk disrupting his season when the World Cup is on the horizon. On the World Cup, the fact that it is this year is key for us (Liverpool) we don’t need to sell and absolutely no way is he downing tools when it’s just 7months away. He’ll continue to be at his best for us; atleast until May, then we might just have to bid farewell to the little magician.

      1. davidoziborg

        Agree with pretty much everything Grant. But on the downing tools comment, he may not do it purposely. Frustration, disappointment etc may take a natural toll on his game. Plus do we know whether Liverpool have made any particular promises as to when they will let him go? My guess would be yes… Now we will see. Lot’s more info to come out on this over time.

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