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    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Those are the famous words we hear every time there is a spree shooting in the United States of America. Yesterday the news broke that a single gunman got a hotel room, set himself up and proceeded to Rambo the f*** out of over 500 innocent concert goers. Another multiple victim spree shooting in America, yet it is not guns that kill people right?

    I have got some pretty straight forward words for any Americans who may happen to read this. Guns do f***king kill people, lots of them. And people without guns kill far less people.

    I can’t believe that segments of the American people and more importantly gutless politicians still hold on to this archaic piece of legislation known as “the second amendment”. As it currently reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Just to clarify this law was written in F***KING 1791, a different time some would obviously say. Personally I think that some 226 years later things may have changed a tad. And thus perhaps it might be time to “update” the constitution? The sad thing about this second amendment is that it has been upheld several times over the years.

    Now I am not pointing the finger at the United States saying it is the only country to be the victim of spree shootings. Far from it. There have been instances of spree shooting killers from all corners of the globe over the years. But the simple fact of the matter is if some crazy bastard wishes to go on a killing spree in the United States its not difficult to make it happen. In many of those United States you do not even need a licence or any type of registration to own a gun. And you can go and buy one from your local department store, like your buying a work bench or hand bag. This is inclusive of high caliber automatic weapons. Absolutely ridiculous.

    A perfect example of how to change this type situation happened in Australia in 1996. A massacre at Port Arthur in April of that year claimed the lives of 36 innocent people. In the immediate aftermath Australian State and Territory governments put heavy restrictions on the ownership of semi or automatic weapons. There has not been a spree shooting since.

    It has never been more apparent that it is time for chicken s**t power hungry politicians to make a change. It’s time to stop allowing industry lobbying to determine legislation and instead start thinking of the f***king people. It is just another perfect example of profit being more important that human lives. This continued trend in humanity makes me physically sick.

    Oh and finally for the selfish ignoramuses who continue to fight for their right to bear arms, this next message is for you. I can categorically tell you the following. Your hormonal phallic desire to feel like a big person is not even close to being worth one single human life.

    Get over it.

    *As a sub note. I found the following article quite an informative read. It explains exactly who the NRA in America are and why they are so powerful.




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    1. Rachel

      True! It’s incredible how a country whose inhabitants ran around wearing only a loin cloth up to less than 600 years ago have evolved to a super power yet can’t grasp this simple fact. Rather it will have the opposite effect with scores arming themselves up to their teeth saying it’s their goddamn right to defend themselves

      1. davidoziborg

        Couldn’t agree more. The really sad thing is that if they outlawed, nobody would actually have any need. However the NRA continues to make sure that the second amendment remains legit and while this is the case there will never be a shift in cultural thinking.

      2. George Attard

        Rachel, those people you are referring to who were running around in thier loin cloths are the indigenous people of North America. It was not they who evolved after 600 years into a super power to become the gun crazed nation of America today.. Those people have nearly been wiped out by the same weapon used in yesterday’s shooting spree in Vegas by European settlers. Those same settlers called for this amendment so they can protect themselves against these same ‘natives’.

        While I agree with your sentiment, you are talking about a whole other civilization, quite literally too.

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