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    Right.. Let’s get to it….

    I am not what you would traditionally call a “happy go lucky” kind of guy, in fact some may go as far as to label me “slightly angry”. Not my fault, it was just something bestowed upon me through half a lifetime of interesting experiences… In saying all this what you may come to read from here on end will likely be not of a fairy tale nature… I tend to be direct, sometimes in a somewhat stabbing manner. Can’t help it, just the way I am and I will never apologize for it. (Alright I admit occasionally to my wife perhaps)….

    My wish is that it may occasionally breed an interesting read.

    So firstly why PLANET OZ?  Simples… (sorry can’t get those stupid fucking meerkats out of my head), one of my top fellas and colleagues, a certain Jason Zammit, likened my blinkered thought process to that of a “person who lives on their own planet”.. thus.. PLANET OZ. I can tell you, I like Planet Oz. Its a great place where coincidentally I am always right.

    Next. So why do I want to write or BLOG? Answer: I got opinions… I MEAN I GOT OPINIONS. I really got shit to say. Sometimes I got so much shit to say that my chest feels like the beginnings of an Alien (the movie) birth scene. I got shit to say and I wanna say it. I have been holding on to it for too damn long. On a certain level it may even be therapeutic for me. But i warn you, I aim to start slow. Very slow. With simple subjects. Two fold to begin.

    Sports! I love sports. I watch sports and I read sports, so I would like to write about sports.

    Stupid People! Not persons who may be classed of a lower intelligence, rather persons who do the dumbest shit ever. Persons who I witness and walk away drowning in WTF. Some kind of social madness. Stupidity is an epidemic that is spreading through your world like wildfire and I would like to draw your attention to it in my very own unique way.

    Now, in summation I wish to make one thing very clear. I am not an expert in most things. So what you will read from here on end is “JUST MY BLOODY OPINION”. Don’t take it as fact. I may research the odd subject or two, but lets be honest, I am lazy bastard, so the likelihood of me giving expert rhetoric is slim (unlike me). I read things. I see things. I gather an opinion and then begins the verbal diarrhea. I am just an average guy and thus will give an average guy opinion. You never know, some people may actually see my side of things and those people will get an invite (or the offer to purchase a passport) to PLANET OZ.


    Lets see how this writing thing turns out…


    “All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.”
    ― Douglas Adams

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    1. The Cons!

      prosit, well done, about time, ejja xbin !!! 🙂

    2. Eric Wadge

      Waheeeey. Sign me up.

      I’m Looking forward to the sport commentary even though I’m not a massive sport fan.

    3. Loreto Spiteri

      Looking forward to hear, erm, read, what you have to say. Go for it! Except for the sports parts. Your other opinions and experiences hover, tend to be classics.

    4. Rachel Williams

      Great!!! Can’t wait to read your scribblings

    5. Darren Cassar

      Oohhhh this is going to be interesting…..

    6. Stephen , bugeja

      And , it begins !

    7. Who do I submit all the grammatical errors to please? 😆

      1. davidoziborg

        Says the man who puts a question mark after EVERYTHING…LOL.

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