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    Ok, I know I am a little slow on the uptake here but I am traditionally both very busy and very lazy so you should expect the odd delayed reaction from time to time.

    Now to the point, when I read about the absolutely barbaric shooting of two innocent, beautiful flamingos over the past weekend I almost lost my s*** completely, it really really upset me. I guess the question that I keep asking myself is WHY? What is it that pushes a human being to take the decision to pick up a shot gun, point it to the sky and try to blow the f***ing head off a beautiful innocent creature? I had a good long think about it and I am sorry, perhaps I am too much of a modern man, but there is just no single part of my fabric that understands this whatsoever. I get that there will be some people who may read this and not be happy, perhaps hunting has been a family tradition passed down through the generations so as it is bred in their blood, but quite frankly in this case I don’t care one little bit. I am so disgusted by these actions that I feel no need at all to chose my words wisely or carefully.

    Just in case you are one of those “persons of limited scope” who embraces wholeheartedly the slogan “only in Malta” let me put you in your place quick smart. Hunting and more specifically off season illegal hunting is not just a Maltese problem. Not in the slightest. It’s actually a global epidemic, a mindset of people who feel it is absolutely necessary to continually justify both man’s reign as the dominant species as well as its thirst for blood. It is such a problem that there are even people who spend months, sometimes years saving up, splash out big money and travel for days for the simple purpose of blowing the brains out of some innocent majestic animal getting on with its day. And to add insult to permanent injury they then feel the need to display the conquest for all to see and admire. Again I am sorry (not sorry) but I just don’t understand it, I don’t agree with it and I feel ashamed of this element of our society.

    Finally for the kicker. I firmly believe that the hunting and or killing of any animal for the purpose of sport should be 100% illegal without exception. I also believe that every time an animal loses its life to a bullet, blade or arrow, it is the result of a cowardly political system more concerned with keeping majorities than stopping an obvious brutal sociatal trend which only succeeds in the continued misguided education of values for future generations.

    The day that just one local or world leader, with the necessary robust genitalia to stand up and put in place a system where this type of barbarity is no longer acceptable, is the day where we may finally feel optimism for the survival of humanity. For as it stands, at least from my eyes, if things stay as they are sooner or later we are all going to be f***ed.


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    1. Rachel

      Absolutely right!

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