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    Some of you may read the below and say what the hell is he talking about? That is your challenge then, to get involved in our challenge for next season. It’s a good bit of fun and you can challenge yourself, and your friends. WATCH THIS SPACE....

    Now down to business. Well, whilst OzUncut is taking a new direction regarding it’s content, one important element of the site will remain constant. The OzUncut Prediction Challenge. I know, non football fans are not interested, I get it. But us self proclaimed football junkies need something like this in our life. Competition is fun, necessary.

    Yesterday saw the final round of games for the Premier League season. It also saw a new Prediction Challenge champion crowned. Congratulations CAMASTARS!!!

    It was really a tough season for predictions. Besides the obvious COVID enforced break, which upset the rhythm and flow, outside of the top 2 everything else was really tight. Which always makes predictions tough. But CAMASTARS, finishing with a total for the season of 881 points, was consistent throughout and totally deserves his title.

    The exciting part was the two way head to head battle for this years competition. LULIC71, finishing on 874 points, you should be proud of yourself. Whilst I am sure there will be some disappointment, considering if memory serves you were in the lead for a considerable time, finishing second, in this competition with over 100 competitors is an achievement in itself. Well done.

    And to round out the prize places, WOZZA who was locked in a battle for that final prize spot. It was neck and neck for quite some time, but WOZZA held firm and managed to get over the line with 824 points. Big up WOZZA.

    Commiserations to the rest… who gave it their all, but ultimately just could not find that consistency to be a champion. Better luck next season.

    For the top 3, you will be receiving an email regarding your prizes, for the rest of you look out in the coming weeks for updates on the new season and the new challenge.

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    1. Camastars

      Thank you so much for organising all this and making the premier league and all the games more interesting. Look forward to be part of it again. Also want to say well done to Lulic71 who gave a great challenge to me till the last minute!!! See you all next season!!

    2. Chris Fenech

      Well done to all, and well done Wozza for pipping me to 3rd 😉

      Keep well Oz, looking forward to 2020-2021

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