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    Episode 1: Top Ten Albums

    To be totally honest, everytime I see those words “challenge accepted” on Facebook, I get the urge to stab myself in the testicle with a screwdriver. I really can’t say why it annoys me so much, but for some reason it just does. Especially during the recent lock down where a whole new catalogue of challenges appeared.

    I know, it’s not you it’s me. I have issues. The great news is nowadays I embrace those issues wholeheartedly and it is wildly liberating. Back on point, whilst the act of issuing or accepting a challenge irked me somewhat, I did find some of the content of those challenges rather interesting. I found it interesting to learn more about my “friends” preferences on a number of topics.

    So in that spirit, I thought it might make a great little feature for the website. The OzUncut Top 10 series. Time will tell whether it will turn out to be a “Sharp & intuitive segment of interest” or a “flaccid, old age donkey appendage”.. I guess the reader/viewer response will speak louder than words.

    Without further or do, I present to you the OzUncut Top 10 Albums as compiled by me, David Ozi Borg. I hope you enjoy.

    This will hopefully be the first in a series. So if you have any recommendations on Top 10 lists we can do for the future, our ears are wide open.

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