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    Covid19 Theories

    I truly hope that this will be the last COVID virus related article I end up writing…

    Maybe it is premature for me to be claiming that the dust seems to be settling on the whole COVID-19 virus pandemic. In recent weeks, it certainly feels that way. Life seems to be slowly trickling back to normal. Panic has subsided and some people are acting in some respects like it never happened. Restaurants and shops are open, workers are heading back to the office. Soon borders will reopen too.

    Even the news media seems to be shuffling the virus pandemic down the pecking order, surely a sign that it is no longer of that greater importance. In this respect I am delighted as I was sick to death of the constant barrage of media scaremongering. Once our borders reopen in the very near future it should signal a true and proper return to “the way it was before”. Whether that is the right move or not remains to be seen. Will life as we knew it and local and global economies return to normal? Or will we find ourselves back where we were beginning of April? A return full circle to start this process all over again. Only time will tell.

    In our current state, I thought it interesting for us to go back in time slightly, to the beginning of this whole saga. Look at the origins of the virus and try to ascertain what we should and should not believe.

    Did COVID-19 or Corona Virus, however you want to label it begin in rural China with bat soup? What is your take on that? I just don’t buy it sorry. For such a complex designer virus to find its origins in some bat shit mixing with some chicken breast, or whatever they claim the origins were, just doesn’t seem like a reasonable explanation to me. Far from it in fact. So what am I to believe then?

    Evil laboratory man what does he create?
    Origins of the virus? What do you believe?

    Personally, I find it more likely than not that this virus was something tailor made in a laboratory somewhere. This to me just makes more sense. Do I have any hard evidence that this is the case? Of course not. But I do like me a good conspiracy theory. Mix that in with the absolute lack of trust I have in our global leaders and the true motivations of greater man and my 6th sense starts to go off like a teenage boy on heat. Something doesn’t sit right.

    This raises other significant questions. Why did the Chinese wait so long to release the information and close it’s borders? Why did super power countries like Great Britain and the United States wait so long to react? Why did Sweden not react at all? Why have we allowed nearly 400,000 people to die, with surely many more to follow? Questions like this can only be answered really and truly at a level way above my “pay grade” right?


    Reflecting on some of the more popular conspiracy theories on the subject, perhaps there are answers there. For me, the most plausible, is the Pharmaceutical industry and its absolute and overwhelming global power. What is the best way to create a demand? Throw a nifty little virus into the global mix, let it stew, announce this amazing new vaccine that will provide immunity and see the Trillions roll in. You may think it far fetched, but the way I understand mans thirst for power and money, I believe anything is possible.

    Every human life is sacred, but how long can earth sustain the current population growth rate?

    Moving on. How about population control? I am going to guesstimate that 98% of people who read this article believe that the earth is over populated. In my reasoning, to the extent that sooner or later humanity will suck the life out of the planet so as it decides to eject us, PERMANENTLY. Is it possible that the powers that be decided action needed to be taken? Would this make any sense whatsoever? A part of me believes it could be true, however even if 1 million people end up dying from the virus, is that really going to change anything in a world of close to 8 billion? Unlikely.


    Let’s go for one final conspiracy. The environment. Nobody can deny that even for just the couple of measly months the world was in lock-down, mother earth felt better. Air was cleaner, pollution dropped significantly and even nature itself started to reappear. Plant life, lizards, birds, chickens, wildlife of all sorts started to emerge once more from it’s comatose state after humanity had been standing on its neck for the past 150 years or so. So do the powers that be know something that we don’t regarding the environment?

    showing a beautiful and healthy rainforest
    “and all four corners of The Amazon shall breathe a collective sigh of relief”…

    Is the situation far worse than any of us could have ever imagined? And is this some attempt to slow down or even repair the environments obvious deterioration? Here is why I think the answer to that question is no. I don’t believe that anything, and I mean anything, would deter those of importance to sacrifice even one slither of their power or money. Even at the expense of life as we know. Some tend to think that no matter the situation, the 1% will be ok. Surely there is already some contingency plan for their survival? So as romantic as it may sound, humanity taking drastic action to save the environment, I don’t believe it to be so.

    Will Covid-19 have a lasting impact on the environment?

    Conspiracies aside, I think one thing has emerged as clear throughout this pandemic. The future CANNOT be the same as the present or past. The actions of mankind must change dramatically. Overall hygiene and the potential for global pandemic must be given it’s due consideration for a true world changer is just around the corner. We must start to control the population in some way. As harsh as that may sound, the current rate of growth is quite simply, unsustainable.

    Finally, but not least in anyway, we must start to give the environment the respect it deserves. For the longest time humanity has raped it’s resources without thought of long term consequences. It may not happen in our life time, but sooner rather than later, mother earth will fight back. Where will that leave our children and our children’s children.


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