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    Yeah, you probably figured out already what this one is going to be all about. I will keep it short and not so sweet. I was hesitant to even sit down and write this as probably the subject matter has been ever so slightly over killed. However, I decided to just do it as it has been literally burning a hole in my stress chest for about a week.

    What the good god damn is wrong with humanity and it’s greed? As well as its seemingly uncontrollable urge to cohabitate? After the emergence of Covid 19 we all went through the painstaking first wave with great sacrifice. Necessary sacrifice. The government seemingly having a plan safeguard it’s citizens and the population for the most part adhering and compliant.

    It was, literally, three months of personal and economic hell. Then, three weeks of low case numbers (a result of those three months of pain) and seemingly both the government and society seem to have erased the pandemics existence. Fuck you Jack. Back to normal. We all do what we feel like doing no matter the consequences. Both from a political standpoint and the reaction of society itself, I am so hurt and disappointed that so much good work has been undone in such a short space of time.

    I understand that economically things could not stay as they could. Opening up certain borders, didn’t sit well with me, but I understand the reasons for it. Opening up restaurants, gyms and other forms of socially distant and responsible activity and entertainment, I thought was a good idea. Considering that people would stick to a few very important and not to invasive rules. It was important for the economy and important for the overall well being of society.

    BUT MASS GATHERINGS? Jesus Christ, talk about exercising some common sense. Organizing or attending a mass gathering, whether that be a party, festa, celebration or even bar or nightclub in our current pandemic state is just ludicrous. It is tantamount to walking into a burning building with a gasoline soaked shirt expecting not to get burnt. Would you attempt such a thing? It is just obvious to me (and hopefully a few others) that if you are surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of people in a confined space rubbing shoulders, sharing spit and sweat, in all likely hood things would spread again, and fast. This is what we are currently experiencing.

    And I only expect it to get worse.

    So here it is. I blame those in power for once being so strong only to become so pathetically weak. I blame society and it’s ignorance, for forever being a part of the problem and never a part of the solution. And I blame myself for always trying to see the better side of human kind only to be perpetually let down.

    Considering “they” created a virus to attack the old and the weak, one would assume to get control of the “out of control” global population. Perhaps they would have been better served being more designer crazy to create the ultimate virus to rid us all of the greedy, stupid and selfish. Perhaps only then can the world survive and be a better place for all, and not just the few.

    Rant over, session ended. Hoping that getting this out of me will help to rid me of the stress and concern it has been causing me. Another problem shared is a problem unloaded. Time for some deep breaths.

    P.s. To remain socially distant, responsible and NOT attend mass gatherings is so not difficult. If you are one of these persons who have decided not to care anymore, look at yourself in the mirror and understand that it could be your grandmothers life you save.

    You don’t have to comment or need to comment, however if you have a desire to do so, please do so in the comments box below. For the simple reason that I no longer reply to Facebook comments.

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    1. Corrine Muscat

      AMEN to all of it, this is a relief to read, you have typed out my own, and many others, frustrations at what is happening right now. Bravo!

      1. davidoziborg

        I was pretty sure I was not alone in this. It’s just got me so mad. And not just this, general selfish and idiotic things some people do. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it does. As there is still a part of me that thinks the world could be so much better if a few more people actually gave a shit.

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