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    After just witnessing Liverpool once again being robbed of 3 points by the so called use of VAR, I find myself thinking once more. Thinking about whether VAR is ruining the game I love or not. Still trying to decide whether the introduction of VAR was good for the game. I sit here furious but I still don’t have a full answer for you.

    For me, after just watching the another rough and ready Merseyside derby, the denying of the reds getting three points came down to two VAR moments. The first one was an instance where VAR decided to stay quiet. A horrific tackle from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford on Virgil Van Dyke. Anywhere else on the pitch at any other time, it’s a red card for sure. I doubt few will argue with me here. However, literally seconds before, VAR had confirmed that a Liverpool player was offside in the buildup.

    In my opinion, the offside is irrelevant. Why oh why had VAR not taken a look at that tackle? I am sure some will comment that once the offside was given the ball is dead. But surely that kind of reckless savagery cannot be tolerated anywhere on a football field at any time. I will say it clearly, Pickford without doubt should have been sent off. However the clowns in the VAR box bottled it big time. You may argue differently, but I am convinced with every part of my being.

    Which takes us to moment number two. Sadio Mane incredibly judged to be offside by VAR, when everyway you look at it he clearly looked on. I have seen it a dozen times now, and I just don’t get it. I can see absolutely no reason why it has be given offside. Some may call be bitter, but I promise you I am one of the most pragmatic football fans you’ll ever meet. I am not concerned with not winning the game. More so, I am pissed because it just seems wrong.

    With all that said, I still don’t believe that VAR is the problem. VAR in it’s essence is just a video review system. The software itself, as far as I know, is not a form artificial intelligence and is calibrated and reviewed by, humans. And herein lies the problem that we have always had in the game. The absolute shambolic level of referees in the professional game.

    Where as before we had the majority of inept fools on the pitch or pitch side, in reality all the game has done is transferred more of those inept so called professionals to some remote location in a booth in front of TV screens making the same idiotic calls. I sincerely believe the is not and has never been VAR. The problem lies two fold. With the brainless idiots who overlook VAR and the even dopier buffoons who sat down to create the laws of the game in which VAR operates.

    I honestly thought the introduction of VAR would be a wonderful thing. Especially having seen the huge benefits of video replays and technology in sports such as cricket, tennis, rugby and American Football. However it seems it just has not transitioned to football in the same fashion. So the question now remains, was it better before when we had less idiots decision makers making less idiotic decisions? Or now when we have more idiots making more stupid decisions whilst showing the world proof of how idiotic their decisions are?

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