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    Covid 19

    I really, really didn’t want to sit down and write about this. But it seems I have some time on my hands. So feck it, why not. It is the worlds number one trending topic at the moment and rightfully so. People are in a panic, the news media is unabating and we remain in the dark about the real, real situation. My intent in what will be this short article is to give my take on the overall situation. Again, I repeat the words, MY TAKE. You can agree, disagree, love me, hate me. This is the way I see it.

    So, COVID-19. I don’t know an awful amount about it. Just what the rest of you see, hear and read. It is a virus unlike, yet like many others we have seen in the past. Seems it spreads fast, any more than normal influenza, I am not so sure. So far, research would suggest its a pretty nasty virus in the sense that the symptoms are pretty nasty. We also know that it can be very dangerous to elderly people with either weak immune systems or underlying respiratory issues. I am telling you nothing here that you don’t already now, but looking at it pragmatically, those are the highlights.

    Am I concerned about COVID-19? Sure. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. No doubt it has taken the world by storm. It spreads quickly, super quickly and I believe over the coming months many, many more people will become infected. However, I always force myself to look at things pragmatically. Since the beginning of the outbreak, the mortality rate has been consistently about 2-3%. True, in Wuhan and now in Norther Italy that figure jumps up around the 5-6%, but there are underlying reasons for this in both countries.

    In China may who have suffered have done so in rural areas, where the healthcare system is nothing in comparison to what we are are used to in Western society. In the case of Northern Italy I read something really interesting recently. The balance of old to young is unbelievably out of balance. So much so as certain regions in the North have put in place incentives to try and lure more young couples into the region. If you dig a little deeper, think a little more clearly you start to see the real picture.

    Does this make it any less serious? No of course not. We all have the elderly in our life. Ones we care about. But we should still think about it with a clear mind. Even for the elderly it is not a death sentence, so we should not react like it is. We just need to realise the importance of being VIGILANT.

    VIGILANCE. Its a cool word isn’t it. Vigilance is the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. With the current state of affairs we all need to be highly vigilant. What does that mean we should do? It’s not rocket science. The things that the greater authorities are telling us to do. Follow the bloody guidelines of the people who are in the know.

    This means, use the highest standards of physical hygiene. Certain elements of humanity have a very large tendency to not really take hygiene that seriously. What you are seeing today is partially as a result of that. Stop being a bunch of pigs. Wash your hands regularly and properly. It only takes 20 seconds of your life and you could literally be saving lives. Especially wash your hands before and after you eat. And for god sake, stop putting your hands in your mouth.

    When it comes to spreading germs, keep tissues on you at all time. If you are going to sneeze, USE THEM. And then dispose of them properly and WASH YOUR HANDS. Worst case scenario, sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm. I have gotten used to that now and it is pretty easy. Still a bit gross, but it lowers the spread of germs dramatically.

    For now, everyone should cancel all non essential activities. We put this rule into place in our family before the government took action. Sometimes you have to force yourself to be a part of the solution and not let either laziness or ignorance make us a part of the problem. We have already seen examples of persons via the news taking an “u ejja” attitude, look where it got them. Vigilance, it’s the key. Be vigilant and again, be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    Finally, COMMON SENSE. Bloody learn how to use it. Zombies are not beginning to walk the earth, so stop acting like it. This is a serious situation, sure. But there are many, many things that are far more serious happening in the world when you put it in context. Cancer, heart disease, industrial power, climate change, political disintegration, poverty, deforestation, micro-plastics, corruption, suicide, need I say more.

    Be educated, remain vigilant, but most important of all, use common sense.

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