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    Hello smiley Gooners……way to go, Gunners.

    The game we witnessed yesterday evening proved a lot of factors within our squad. I will not go into the action by action commentary as I am sure most of us (I did!) watched the highlights over and over, just to make sure all is factual. Prior to kick-off, all I could hear from Keane was how his Reds should just go for the jugular from the word go, and rip the Arsenal team apart as the Arsenal are not in a good place right now. He was aware of our lethal front line but the pundit still believed that this was no match as the guys from Manchester were by far too strong for the Londoners.

    The stats are truly shameful, dating back to 18 January 2015 when Arsenal last managed an away game against a big six team. Arsenal’s last win at Old Trafford : a whopping fifteen years ago. 1 November 2020 has changed all that.

    Looking back at yesterday’s feat, as it was one hell of a feat, after all, one could see the determination which was almost transformed into anger as the play flowed on. The tackles came in, the pressure mounted, the loose balls were won, all in Arsenal’s favour. The team played so well and disciplined that the pundits could not make out who ought to be MOTM between Partey, Gabriel, Holding and Elneny. My vote would go to Elneny, hands down. He is a humble player, with zero ego around him.

    A player I have dissed myself many a time in the past, but boy did he shut the door in my face yesterday, and rightly so. Neny (nickname) was all over the place like a rash (let’s avoid the word virus!) and left no breathing space. He rummaged through the midfield like a soldier through the trenches. He was a true hero. Hats off to Gabriel and Partey who played their solid role too, stalwarts that we so much needed in the squad, reminiscing the Vieira and co. days.

    The utter satisfaction to see a squad moulding to face the uphill game they faced was priceless. All were in synch with one another, fighting for each other to reach that ultimate goal. Laca showed some improvement but still has to prove himself as a central striker. I watched how Rashford turns with the ball leaving no option to his marker but to foul him or fly past him. I look at Aguero, Vardy, Lewandowski, Kane…they hold the ball, with their back to the opposing goal, and wait to provide that sublime touch to oncoming fellow mates to penetrate through the sides or middle.

    Laca so lacks such a determined vision for the next move. He is more often on the floor eyeing and pleading with the referee to give him reason to moan. The stats show he does not manage in most cases. I was glad to see the fresh legs of Nketiah but he somewhat disappointed as was not really getting involved in the midfield cover despite the recurring touchline shrills from the gaffer to run back.

    The last ten to fifteen minutes were awful. It seemed that the Arsenal were about to throw in the towel after all that hard work. Luck was on our side with the Leno head deflection. That was some relief and would have been so undeserved. Let’s be truthful to one another. Had the Reds shared the spoils with the Gunners, there would have been an onslaught of criticism aimed at the players and Arteta. The game plan we had would have been long forgotten and the knives would have come out to shine.

    This is how important a win this truly was for the morale we urgently need to lift us up where we belong. Lest one forgets that we played four big teams in our last four games. The outcome was awful, agreed, three narrow defeats, but the light might start shining again for us over the next few weeks.

    And while Mr Keane was eager to slate any Arsenal chances before the game, he was then so quick to say that Ole’ will not be there for long at the helm at Old Trafford. This is how volatile the football game is. One less point or one point more, one timed tackle or a careless Pogba intervention, determining the way forward for a manager, a player, a squad.

    Let’s enjoy the moment and cheer to many more to come our way.



    Article written by Arsenal Fan, Gunnersauras aka Keith Zammit

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