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    So, I am going to start off by being completely honest as I always am. I know very little about what goes on at a Governmental level. I’ve never studied it, nor do I really wish to research it. Some of you may label me ignorant for this, but really and truly I don’t care. I am writing this article as an average Joe. Someone who rolls through life with little knowledge of the workings of the elite, but like all, is subjected heavily to their workings.

    Oddly enough, only the past few days has this really resurfaced in my mind. Perhaps, all the major roadworks we currently endure have become a distraction, thus taking our minds away from the inevitable truth. THE MAJORITY OR OUR ROAD SURFACES ARE STILL A BLOODY DISASTER. I swear, it was just a couple of days ago that my family and I were driving through the streets of Sliema, which is supposed to be the central hub of activity on the islands. You’d think in such an area, as the “poster city” of the island things would be pristine. The truth however is very far from that.

    Honestly, it was more like we were somewhere on safari, driving through rarely traveled dirt roads full of bumps and holes. All four of us bouncing up and down like we were on a god damn mechanical bull. It was that very moment that it dawned on me. Things have not improved as much as I had once believed. And it jogged my rather grayish memory into recalling many similar bumpy rides in my recent history. Madness I tell you.

    So that got me thinking, where the fuck are all my taxes going. As far as I am aware at least, Malta is now on a level with most of western society when it comes to the paying of taxes. I mean, I know how much I pay, and it feels like an awful lot. With this in mind, should we not expect to have an infrastructure equal if not at least close to that of our Western brothers and sisters? Maybe I ask too much, but it really feels like we are not getting anywhere near enough bang for our tax buck.

    I am not blind to the fact that in this country we enjoy free healthcare and many other social benefits. This does not happen the world over. But even with this, I am not sure the numbers totally add up. I am also aware that we don’t have a population that rivals that of our western friends. This “could” be an important factor. BUT, we are also much, much smaller than those countries, so surely that should even itself out. Actually, we have a far greater population than our size would normally be able to sustain. Meaning more tax Euros compared to a smaller infrastructure to maintain.

    I know, it is all very confusing. And layman’s like you and I will never truly understand it I guess. But like a splinter in my mind, it just don’t feel right. The only thing I can say at this point comes straight from deep with in my core. Right or wrong, I’ll let you be the judge. Quite simply, our roads and pavements suck, I hate fucking paying taxes and probably like most average citizens I truly believe I deserve more.

    Average citizen out!

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