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    Let me start off by clarifying like I always do. I am anti politics. My disdain for all political parties is equal. For me, politics as a system is dirty, favors the upper class and does very little for the real people of the world. And, I would go as far as to say I actually hate it. Now with that out of the way, you can imagine my annoyance this morning when it dawned on me that elections are on the way and for the coming months I would have to be subjected to excessive amounts of sub human rhetoric.

    It dawned on me because I saw my first “political billboard” of the season. Let’s put aside the fact that I actually really have a distaste for certain areas of political marketing. What really fucks me off in a major way is these god awful billboards. A massive, in your face advert, not placed to inform the public of what you stand for as a party or person. No, of course not. It serves only to utterly accuse and insult their opponents. For me this is a sign (pun intended) of all that is wrong with politics today.

    Let me tell you why I think it is sooooo wrong. If, as a political leader, your only agenda is to take down your opponent with the rantings of a pre pubescent twat, then I am afraid you have missed the point and should bow out immediately. You should walk away with head in hands, because you are an embarrassment. And you obviously don’t really understand what the people want.

    Now, if I manage to calm myself for a minute I’ll explain my view on things. First, I see nothing wrong with parties or politicians explaining where they think an opponent has fallen short or failed, and in turn setting their own agenda to remedy that situation. I think that is just good politics. What really gets my nuts in a vice is these so called professionals. Persons whom supposedly we will be relying on to lead our nation to a better future, coming out like a bunch of children in a school yard throwing frankly unsubstantiated filth at one another in the hope of seeing their opponent lose points. Bloody shameful and not the acts of real leaders.

    AND, IF I HEAR ONE MORE THING ABOUT CORRUPTION, I’LL PEEL OWN FUCKING SKIN OFF WITH A RUSTY SPOON. Politics, as a system, was frikkin built on bloody corruption, and if you can’t realise that, like Neo, you’ve been living in a dream world. Get over yourselves.

    You can be sure that I gave up on politics and politicians a long, long time ago. I am afraid I have lost faith in the system and refuse to give it one second of my precious time. I understand that I am a citizen living within your system and will tow the line accordingly. But frankly, I have no interest in your bullshit. PERIOD. With that said, I still hold a view of how I would have loved to see a politicians act. And my belief is that it is a view that is probably shared by many others.

    I believe that a politician should be elected on what they believe in and what they stand for. Previously, during a time when I still partook, I wanted to hear where a candidate thought things were going wrong and the detailed plan he had in mind to fix it. I wished to hear from people with humility, people who act like adults and not children. And I wished to put my faith in someone I can trust. Someone I believed was stronger than me and could help me ascertain a better quality of life. Unfortunately, all I see these days is a bunch of egotistical, power hungry, privileged fools.

    The attitude is much like “let me increase the value of my home by burning down that of my neighbors”. So sad. You know, there might be a ray of sunshine on the horizon though. Unfortunately I have not seen anything locally here in Malta. Even though I am sure there are a few out there. However, across the world in the United States there is a young man of Maltese decent by the name of Pete Buttigieg. A man who from what I have seen so far has a genuine interest in making the world better. Let’s just hope that one day he will find himself in a position to become a shining light for the future of politics and politicians.

    Until then, I will remain firmly in the shadows with my blinkers on. Only to be occasionally incensed by some eyesore of a billboard filled with the rantings of children.

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    1. K Grech

      I am square with you on this one. Elections are only a method of selection for a nations leadership for a fixed term period. Supposingly, following a discerning process by voters. Elections are by no means an end in themselves. Unfortunately, information on candidates is surprising lacking these days although we live in the digital era.

      I hardly understand the need of all this publicity and I doubt if it’s impact is ever measured. Never seen any quantitative studies. Recently talks over updating the Maltese constitution were floated in the public domain. I would suggest putting away this complex parochial single transferable voting system and adopt a consensus model similar to the system applied in the Canadian Territories or Jersey. Nothing is perfect but I think it is a better model for a micro state.

      1. davidoziborg

        Thank you for commenting. I agree with you. I lost faith in the system a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it will be difficult to implement any other system and there would be question marks as to whether it could be successful. Unfortunately, until a system I agree is in place, I choose to abstain.

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