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    I am starting to get sick to fucking death of it, honestly. The sensitivity of people in this world today has grown to epidemic proportions. And what’s monumentally worse is that everybody feels they have a god given duty to put you in your place, like they are some higher authority. Whilst an individual in my position should, as standard practice, ignore such persons, it seems I have not quite grasped this skill yet. Thus, I am TRIGGERED.

    Let me clarify one thing up front. Everything I say whether here in my blog, on the radio, or elsewhere, is my opinion and mine alone. I don’t pretend to speak for the general masses, and I don’t pretend to be some higher authority. I have an opinion, and I speak it. End of. I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. But I am firm on my opinion, and unless you can use sensible debate that may make me reassess my view point, I will stick. You see, I have formed my opinions through my own experiences with any given topic.

    Obviously, as a radio presenter, I do have the luxury of reaching a slightly larger audience. And I will admit, my hard line stance with regards to the delivery of my opinion has the potential to take “the sensitive” to the point of being triggered. Call it a gift. However, whilst I don’t mind somebody retorting with some form of passionate debate, somebody being outright rude or outright forcing me on to some standard which states who and what I am allowed to talk about, that for me is breaking point.

    Case and point, this week. I triggered someone massively. It was on the Fat Harry’s Big Breakfast on XFM. When my partner Jay and I were discussing (or more accurately, taking the royal piss out of) BREXIT. Putting it simply, the British Political System is in major crisis. BREXIT sent half the country into despair at the thought of leaving the EU. At the same time, look at the current leaders of politics, Johnson and Corbyn. Tell me you think anyone of those guys is either trust worthy or fit to lead one of the worlds greatest nations and I will have you committed over concerns for your mental health. This is my opinion, based on what I have seen, read and heard. You are free to disagree, that is your right.

    Triggered, Triggered, Triggered & Triggered

    Then, we receive a message from a listener. who said something along the lines of “stick to the music and not politics we do not want your opinion on BREXIT, first thing you should learn when dealing with the public is don’t talk politics or religion”. Two things are obviously apparent with this message. First, this person totally disagrees with my view on BREXIT and second I triggered the hell out of him. I can handle that. But, for some person to tell me how I should run my radio programme after 24 years in this business, and to say it in such a abrasive matter of fact way, that got me HELLA TRIGGERED.

    Who the fuck do you think you are?

    I want to end of this rant (and that is what it clearly is, a massive rant) by stating two points. Both are rather obvious, but it seems for some not so. First and foremost, listening to my radio show, reading my blog or following me on social media is a personal choice. No one is forcing you to do it. If you don’t like who I am or what I talk about, it is well with in your civil rights to stay away. I would not be offended.

    Secondly, there seems to be some general understand that being a radio presenter I have some kind of social responsibility to the nation. BULLSHIT. It’s true, I do have a responsibility. To follow guidelines provided by the nations authority as well as those installed by our broadcasting mediums ownership. Outside of that, I don’t owe anyone else shit. It’s true we skate the fine line occasionally, however the majority of our naughty talk is double sensed which should sugar coat it for the kids. So deal with it, or don’t listen. The choice is absolutely yours.

    Finally, if you do decide you want to follow me in anyway, loosen the fuck up. And if you’ve made that decision, and I do say something that gets you TRIGGERED, put your bitch claws away and live with it.

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    1. Ex Fan

      Agreed with your point that no one is forcing us to listen to you. That’s why I stopped, if I want meat I go to the butcher and not the green grocer 😉

      1. davidoziborg


      2. bromo

        But you are still reading his blog! :)))))

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