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    After writing about the issue yesterday, the sad news came in this morning that the issue has been resolved. A commercial vessel resolved the situation rescuing 51 survivors and returning them to Libya. Tragically, 5 of these asylum seekers (rightfully corrected yesterday on this, living and learning) have lost there life while a further 7 are reported missing.

    For full details read the following times of Malta article.

    Certain groups fully blame Malta for the lack of action taken. The vessel had been stranded for several days in Malta’s search and rescue zone. The question remains, what does the Maltese public think about this? Are Malta to blame? Is Italy to blame? How about the EU? Or are those seeking asylum to blame?

    Many will have different opinions on whose to blame, what is yours? Please discuss in the comments box below, but please do so like adults. A seriously tragic loss of life desperate souls, of that we can all agree I am sure. Something needs to be done, either at the root of the problem in North Africa or at the very least by the rarely called to action EUROPEAN UNION. The EU should not just be about fair trade and economic gain.

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    1. Stephen

      Anyone who could have saved human lives but chose not to is to blame. Malta was OBLIGED to save these poor souls stranded in our search and rescue area.

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