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    We always knew that Hollywood was a a cesspool. A crazy place where they seem to go by a different set of rules than the rest of us. However, in the past couple of months it has become even more apparent just how crazy, dirty and inappropriate the entertainment business really is. It’s disgusting. But first let me clarify something. Since the beginning of time, young budding actors would leave their hometown in search of the Hollywood dream. In many cases said actors would be willing to do almost anything to make that dream come true. So there are always two sides to every story. Temptation for high profile entertainment executives must be at levels that us layman’s could never understand. However, now the amount of allegations/accusations emerging from the industry, in most cases against very high profile celebrities is disturbing. it makes me think that probably half of Hollywood are ASSHOLES.

    The recent flow of uncovered Hollywood secrets began about a month ago. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood ASSHOLE extraordinaire, was accused of more than a dozen counts of sexual assault. It was a shock to everyone and seems to have opened Pandora’s Box.  As I sit here writing today, more than eighty women have come forward to accuse the former Mirimax kingpin of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape. Even for Hollywood, quite unbelievable.

    Roll forward two weeks, one of my favourite actors of all time, Kevin Spacey suddenly found himself in a world of s***. He was initially accused of making sexual advances towards a fourteen year old boy sometime in the eighties. But it wasn’t long before many others came forward to accuse Spacey of sexually unacceptable behavior. I was devastated. This lead to me write and publish two articles regarding Kevin’s assholyness and the general problem of the industry overall. If you haven’t read those articles you can click on the following links to catch up.

    Now I am here to update you on the latest. That’s right ever since the Kevin Spacey revelation many, many more allegations have been made against high profile celebrities. So I thought it might be a good idea to name and shame some of the latest ASSHOLES who have come to light.

    Very quickly before I start we should make clear the obvious. All these people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. There may be some cases where the allegations are false, but I believe in most cases there is no smoke without fire. So I will give you the info, you can analyze the person in question and make your own judgement.

    Let’s start with comedian Louis CK. One of the most popular entertainers in his field, he has been a global success for years. The New York Times recently posted a story that revealed on several occasions Louis CK forced women to watch him masturbate. I mean can you get any more f***ing disgusting that that? And there is no need for you to reserve judgement on this one because he has actually admitted its true. He will now step back from his stand up career whilst several movie and TV projects of his have been cancelled.

    Louis CK – The guy’s into some weird s***
    Next Charlie Sheen. Now I always knew he was a bit f***ed up but this next bit of news takes it way beyond that, if its true. Another actor has claimed that Sheen, when nineteen, smoked weed and had sex with then thirteen year old Corey Haim. It was then claimed that when done, Sheen became cold and barely talked to the child star ever again. Sheen denies it and even Haim’s mother believes it not to be true. But knowing Charlie as we do, would you be surprised at that kind of behavior from him? You be the judge.
    Charlie Sheen – Perhaps he was high on “TIGER BLOOD” at the time?

    George Takei, one of my Star Trek heroes has also been in the news. Scott Brunton, an ex-model and actor, came forward to accuse George Takei of sexual assault in Los Angeles in the 1980s. The alleged groping occurred in 1981 in Takei’s Los Angeles apartment after the two had shared a few drinks. Brunton says that he and Takei, who were just friends, had gone out for dinner and the theater. Afterwards, Takei invited him back home for drinks. After the second one, Brunton said he began to feel dizzy and passed out for a few minutes in a beanbag chair. The next thing he remembers was coming to, his pants being around his ankles and Takei groping his crotch and trying to get his underwear off. I would think that is tantamount to rape am I wrong? At the very least completely inappropriate behavior.

    Former Hero – George Takei
    Action movie star Steven Seagal has been accused of sexual harassment by four women so far, Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi, Juliana Margulies and now Eva LaRue. LaRue, accused Seagal of harassing her during an audition when she was 22. She said Seagal locked her in a room at his home in 1990 and opened his kimono to reveal he was wearing nothing but his underwear. Jenny McCarthy said Seagal told her to take off her dress during an audition before he unzipped his own pants. De Rossi wrote on Twitter that Seagal told her “how important it is to have chemistry off set” as he unzipped his leather pants during an audition. And Margulies said Seagal, who was armed with a gun, told her he wanted to massage her. She managed to escape. What an absolute DOUCHE CANOE. Unbelievable abuse of power from a disgusting pig of a man.
    Steven Seagal – What’s under the KIMONO?

    Richard Dreyfuss, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Jeffrey Tambor, Bob Weinsten and many others have also been accused of sexual misconduct in one form or another. And I am very sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more twist and turns to come before we here the end of this.

    It leads me back to my initial question some days ago as to why this is happening? And once more it leads me to the understanding that it is persons of importance abusing their power. Using their position to take advantage of not always young but surely vulnerable people who are in awe of them. It is a trait in humans that is absolutely disgusting. Sometimes it makes me think that I must be from some lost alien species, deposited on earth only one day to return home and warn people about the desperation of humanity. No point in trying to integrate. Must only destroy.

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