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    Settle down, I am not about to go on an anti religion tirade. So you can relax. My opinions in that area are pretty strong, but I have a firm rule. I don’t do political or religious commentary. It’s too sensitive and while I am quite opinionated on both I am an expert in neither. This story is about a new breed of criminal in town. I must admit to having a bit of a giggle when the news broke last weekend. Three men passing themselves off as a Bishop, an Abbott and a Cleric have been trying to rip off the church. And the police are on the case.

    I know, its criminal and I shouldn’t laugh, BUT I do find it kind of hilarious. This is the reason why. You have to be the proud owner of “ZERO CONSCIENCE” to pretend to be a Bishop, enter into a sacred place of worship and work a con on the “most innocent of innocents”. Because lets be honest, men and women of “the cloth” are not exactly what you would call street wise.

    Let’s take it one step further. Forget zero conscience, you actually have to be a bit of a PRICK to even attempt something like this. Or maybe these people have some kind of grudge to bear, who knows. The rumours flying around are that they have even convinced local parishes to perform mass. WTF? Not to be insensitive or anything but I would have loved to sit in on one of those to compare notes. Did the sermon differ in anyway? Were locals able to tell that they were not really ordained members of the catholic church? Did the Bishop quote Ozzy Osbourne during the Liturgy of the Word? So many things come to mind but unfortunately there is little information and no answers. So all we can do is speculate.

    The local Curia has warned all parishes and convents to be aware of these somewhat hilarious scumbags. Hilarious not because of their actions but only the ruse in which the chose to deceive.

    In the case of the unholy Bishop and his s**t squad, there are two things I am sure of. A large segment of people will find the act deplorable and pray forgiveness for the perpetrators souls. On the other hand, the more sceptical among you may just see it as karma.



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