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    I have been waiting a while to do this, but finally I have managed to delve into the world of Podcasts. Occasionally I may throw in the occasional crazy OzUncut Podcast but for now I am going to focus more on sports.

    In today’s very first episode of our OzUncut Podcast we focus on Football and the Italians failing to make the World Cup. Formula 1, the Brazilian Grand Prix and Felipe Massa retiring AGAIN. Rugby Union and the forthcoming England vs. Australia grudge match. And finally Cricket and The Ashes which starts in about a weeks time.

    Any comments you have are always welcome. You can leave them in the discussion area below. Also any sports topics you might wish for me to discuss in future I am happy to do so. Unless it is LAWN BOWLS. You can leave your suggestions below or email [email protected].



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    1. Grant Booth

      As much as my initial reaction was that of happiness when the final whistle blew yesterday, I do feel sorry Gigi Buffon. What a legend of the game. The G.O.A.T
      Its taken 11 years for karma to come round and hit Italy – remember that late penalty against your countrymen in 2006 Oz? That terrible dive..?

      Agree with the quality of the play offs so far, watched all of them and I’d be gobsmacked if anyone of these teams gets further then the last 16.

      I’m sure that a hold up had happened before at the Brazilian GP. Obviously they haven’t learnt there lessons!

      I think Valteri is a good driver for Mercedes to have. After the issues they had with Nico and Lewis they will be happy with how this season has gone. Clear constructors champions and stop being harsh on Lewis!

      Right about England as well I watched some of it and we looked rubbish. As you pointed out lucky we were playing against a poor side. Can only see an Australian victory. (Rugby predictions??)

      It’s a good job the cricketers will make up for that over the next few months! 3-2 England! (Cricket Predictions??)

      *Podcast idea*
      Now that we know all of the qualified teams for the world cup maybe review all of them and discuss there chances?

      1. davidoziborg

        Now that my friend is a great comment. Thanks for taking the time.

        Yes, that Italy result against the Socceroos. I was devastated. Cheating bastards. LOL. I truly hope a South American country wins the World Cup next year and not a European Country.

        And regarding Lewis Hamilton… NEVER. His face just brings out the worst in me….

        And finally… PODCAST IDEA NOTED. Thanks for the suggestion.

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