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    So there I was, flicking through twitter on my phone over the weekend, just catching up. After a short while, I came across something that really caught my eye. Now I will admit. I am not one who has the time nor the inclination to stay surfing different news sources all day. Time, as stated is an issue, and quite frankly I find mainstream news media kind of depressing. Its just bad news after bad news after bad news. Generally, not for me. However, there was some news that brought a huge grin to my face. I couldn’t help it. I came across an article that stated that Silvio Berlusconi is once more running to be SUPREME LEADER of Italy. 😮

    I probably should have known this right? But seriously, I don’t follow main stream news media, and can’t stand politics. So the news never crossed my path. Apparently however, its true. Silvio “BUNGA BUNGA” Berlusconi could have a big say in Italian policy once more. Absolutely f***ing hilarious.

    Let me be completely honest with you, I am a huge fan of Silvio Berlusconi. It has nothing to do with him, Berlusconi, the man. It more has to do with him, Berlusconi, the entertainment package. Akin to George W. Bush, Berlusconi as a man beggars belief, but at the same time remains absolutely f***ing hilarious.


    Whether its his antics towards women (which I don’t condone for the record, but unfortunately find amusing), the arranging of his now infamous BUNGA BUNGA parties, his reputation as one of the most corrupt leaders of all time or his 2013 conviction for tax fraud, Berlusconi has mostly hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. BUT, believe it or not, in Italy, he still remains hugely popular.

    As Italians head to the polls on the 4th of March to decide a new leader, Berlusconi and his Forza Italia party are ahead in the polls. BUT, remain calm, he will not be the new Prime Minister. His previous conviction forbids that. What he could do however, is have a major say on who will be the new leader. With a coalition expected, and lots of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing going on, it is highly plausible that who ever does end up PM, will be a Berlusconi puppet.

    I am not going to start trying to talk politics here, that is not my thing. But what seems pretty clear is Berlusconi will have influence going forward once again. Which means, the 81 year old, sexist, corrupt pig will be back in the big leagues. I can’t wait for all the inevitable future headlines. Maybe my little radio show with my good mate Jay Zammit will be able to resurrect one of our most popular features. Berlusconi Watch.

    I will leave you with a couple of recent, and quite frankly astonishing quotes. First, from the Mayor of Palermo, former mafiosi capital of Italy, Leoluca Orlando. Orlando was recently quoted as saying, “Berlusconi is the man that the rich need, the man that the corrupt need, the man the mafiosi need.” Heart warming stuff that. Whilst former lawyer and ardent Berlusconi supporter says “When people have a pain in their bellies, when they are hungry, the issue of ethics becomes secondary. When they hear their pensions will go up and that Berlusconi will bring a flat tax, they don’t care about the times he has been condemned in court.” Maybe there is some truth in that last one…

    Whilst I have the luxury of sitting here comfortably from a far, enjoying in jest the possibility of KING BUNGA BUNGA providing me more entertainment, I would like to spare a sympathetic thought for my European brothers and sisters in Italy. And for those of you who like to turn to prayer, may I recommend a rosary or two for Italy. Because the way I see it, they have been and will continue to be ROYALLY F***ED.


    Cheers F***ers!!!

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    1. Will Nicholls

      Join up the dots to clearly see apocalyptic change, it’s child’s play, no experts required.

      QE, combined Euro debt very similar to the Wehrmacht in1935, interest rates at near zero, Goverment spending out of control for 50 years straight, Italian National Debt now £ 2.2 Thousand billion, exaggerated bond market, ballooned stock market, property unaffordable, Debt Deflation precipitating strikes, Italian Zombie banks, Italian bank bankruptcy a national comedian running for Italian elections and German banks with derivative debt 99 times higher than their National debt controlling Italy’s pain.

      Vote for berlusconi, vote for insanity, vote for the end of Italy

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