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    Admittedly, I am lucky enough to start my day very early. Equally lucky to also end it either very early or very late, so more often than not I am not on the road during peak times. Lucky me. In my case it’s a matter of flexibility and circumstance. I understand however that not everyone is in the same situation. In fact I know for certain purely based on the serious amount of whinging and moaning I am exposed to. This from people who obviously have become extremely frustrated at the current traffic situation on our roads. I am talking about an EXTREME amount discontent. Unfortunately I have a stern message for all of you. STOP YOUR BITCHIN’, its the price of progress.

    Now let us have a look at the meaning of that word, progress. Progress is the development towards an improved or more advanced condition or situation. It’s a form of evolution that ultimately leads us to a better way of life. It’s what everybody wants. But, of course, it comes at a price.

    If for this argument specifically, we look at the situation regarding the roads here in Malta. For generations the Maltese have pissed and moaned about the state of the roads. From potholes to degradation, even in some cases under development. Nobody could possibly deny that in the past the state of the roads has been substandard. But then, when the government finally do get down to doing something about it, people shift their focus of discontent to the OBVIOUS increase in traffic. This makes absolutely no sense. Make up your f***ing mind already.

    Traffic can be a bitch, but its a part of life…
    It’s also pertinent here to discuss the overall economic development of the country, as it has an underlying affect on all things, including the traffic. For the longest time Malta was solely dependent on tourism as the main driver of its GDP. That is thankfully no longer the case. The development of a thriving financial and gaming sector has brought with it a level of financial security that perhaps one could have never imagined a generation ago. But again progress comes at a price.

    With the growth of the business sector we have also seen the growth of many other things. Population for example. While local numbers have grown to well over the 400,000 mark we must also consider the influx of persons arriving on our shores to feed the ever increasing business environment. Estimated to be somewhere in the 40,000-50,000 mark. Whilst a healthier economic environment has brought with it better business opportunities for all, it has also brought with it the pressure that an increased population will bring to the infrastructure. Real estate, retail prices and the overall cost of living have all increased significantly. But more importantly in relation to this argument, the increase in population has also had a adversely negative impact on our traffic systems. This is all as a consequence of the progress that if we are brutally honest, all of us wanted.

    As the saying goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Progression was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in this country and quite frankly long overdue. So do yourself and everyone a favour, learn to look beyond your current limited view and try and think of the f***ing big picture. Desist with your spoilt child temperament, take a deep breath and welcome yourself to the real world. As for those of you who jump on the “only in Malta” bandwagon, give me a f***ing break, please. Every densely populated city or country in the world suffers from major traffic issues. Just ask any Briton who ever got stuck on the M25 for hours on end and they will tell what bad traffic is really like.

    With the Kappara project in its final stages, perhaps you were hoping for some relief. Unfortunately I have s***ty news for you. Marsa will soon be transformed into traffic chaos, probably far worse than we have ever witnessed before. And I predict many more frustrating traffic days ahead. It is the price we pay for progress. With this in mind, I have some simple advice for you. On those extra frustrating days, when you feel your about to blow a gasket, take some time to look at yourself in the mirror and reflect. Hopefully in these moments you will understand that really and truly you don’t have it so bad.


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