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    Yet another weekend flies by and yet another round of the OzUncut Prediction challenge is complete. I am happy to say that the group of competitors continues to grow. This week we welcome Gianluca Lia. I also noticed that some people have also taken on the Serie A Prediction Challenge as well. Good job people. All in good fun.

    So on to this last round of the Prediction Challenge. First let’s give a mention to our defending champions from last round. Gerald Darmanin, Rob Pisani, Mark Tierney and Mark Warner took top honours in the Premier League Challenge all obtaining a 7/10 score which is very decent indeed. Whist in the Serie A, Mark Warner took the solo win with 6/10. When it comes to Average Scores, let’s be frank. Very average indeed at 5.5/10 and 4.15/10 respectively. Time to get down to business and release this rounds results.


    Well almost too many names to mention this week as a whole bunch of us got 7/10. A quick mention I guess, Grant, myself, George, Martin, Emanuel, Jay and Graeme all get a piece of the victory this week. Well done lads. I must be honest, I am pretty chuffed with my score. As for the Average round score, its a slight improvement on last week at 5.76/10. Well done to all for upping your game.

    As for the leaderboard, I am happy to say that I am still on top there and have opened up a two point gap. In terms of the average score rankings, Shaun Cassar is the “BIG KAHUNA” in that department averaging 5.83. Pretty decent stuff.


    Well my word, it was a pretty piss poor effort this round gang. But one competitor managed to rise above the rest. Well done Jack Bailey. A 5/10 score was enough to get you the solo victory my friend. Well done indeed. Admittedly it was a pretty tough prediction challenge this week in Italy. Inter losing, AC Milan losing and Sampdoria losing would all be classified as shock results in my book. The difficulty of the round is clearly indicated in the average score which is rather pathetic 3.39. I think the less said on this the better.

    In terms of the leaderboard and average score rankings, Mark Tierney is well in control. It is definitely up to the rest of us to start bridging the gap. But do not despair, there is plenty of football still to come which means plenty of chances to pick up points.


    I was almost going to lose my s*** this week with my ACCA. I had Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Napoli and Juventus in the bag. All I needed is for Lazio to get a result and I would have pocketed a cool €150. Sons of bitches only managed to stuff it up. Bloody Romans. So close but yet so far. The funny part is that I was ready to cash out before the Lazio game and still make a tidy profit. But I deemed that kind of cheating as to this particular feature, so I let it ride. Thankfully I always gamble responsibly. Maybe next week. 🙂

    Well that about wraps it up for this last round. Just to keep you updated, the web page will be getting a face lift today, so OzUncut will be looking a little sleeker and sexier. I also have some meetings coming up with regards to developing an automated system to make the Prediction Challenge more user friendly for all (including me). Watch this space.

    In the meantime football fans, continue to spread the word. Onward and Upward as they say. Have a good week all.

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