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    May God, should he exist, please give me the strength to not hunt down and permanently damage some f***ing asshole. I cannot believe that this scenario has happened again. Which would make it twice in the space of a few months. Before I get to the incident itself, I really need to throw one quick question at you. For the sake of my sanity if nothing else. Is there ever any scenario that you can think of that would justify a man giving a woman the middle finger?

    To me the answer to that question should always be NO. Perhaps I am old fashioned and need to get up to speed with the gender equality movement. Maybe I have too much respect for woman, which may have instilled in me a unrealistic sense of chivalry. Or perhaps I have just not met a woman who has pissed me off enough to justify flipping her the bird. But seriously, I just cannot imagine any such scenario where a member of the female race would upset me enough for me feel the need to give her the middle finger. Sorry I just can’t.

    So now to the story itself. Guess what? It happened on the roads once more. So, as my wife explains it, she was in traffic (surprise surprise) and came to a stand still at a junction. At said intersection cars where trying to converge lanes from two different directions into one. As it usually goes, cars were taking it one at a time. When it came to my wife’s turn, no one seemed to want to let her in, even though she cautiously tried to creep her way out. After a few cars passed she had some space to get through, and as she slowly drove out some ANIMAL zoomed in front of her in an extremely aggressive way, cutting her off.

    Wifey, in her ultimate frustration showed her discontent by beeping her horn, to which the driver of the other car rolled down his window and with a rabid scowl gave her the middle finger. BOOM. AN-I-MAL FIRST CLASS! Obviously she was upset and extremely offended, and rightfully so. I am not saying that women should be exempt of constructive vehicular criticism if necessary. But to take it to that level of “rude” is just a breakdown of the behavioural and educational system. Personally I don’t think Mrs. Borg did anything wrong at all, but perhaps I am biased.

    I feel this may be an opportunity once more to try and educate a few of these testosterone filled wilder beasts of limited intellect. So if you know someone who perhaps exhibits this type of behavioural miscalculation please do send them this article. And should you happen to be one of “those” and some one sent you this article out of hope, please listen very carefully.

    Your mother is a woman. Your grandmother is a woman. And one day, if you are lucky enough to have a daughter, she will be a woman also. How would you feel if you found out that someone gave one of those important ladies in your life the middle finger? I guarantee that you will feel exactly as I feel know, outraged. You will feel like cracking skulls and shooting out knee caps. It’s not pleasant. So how about this for a suggestion. The next time you are considering such aggressive and rude behaviour perhaps you should spare a moment to think about your mother, sister, grandmother, wife or daughter and how you would wish them to be treated by other representatives of your gender. Then, should your thinking evolve, perhaps you can finally break the shackles of profound ignorance to consider yourself a newly educated man. Congratulations.

    As a final note, should you read this article and ultimately say “f**k him I’ll do what I want”, then do us all a favour. Go find the nearest bridge or tall building and throw yourself off. Because really and truly you’re f***ing useless to society and no doubt an embarrassment to everyone who knows you.


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    1. george caruana

      Unfortunately OZ when it comes to driving there are too many A holes on the road. Especially when it comes etiquette on the road and from Both sexes. The amount of times I have been insulted on the roads for being in the right is absurd and have been been followed on occasion. Also the flashier the car the worse it gets with BMW and Merc drivers being at the top of the list. There is no excuse to be abusive to women at any point but then you have to think how far can you be abused before shouting the abuse back.
      One could say women want equal rights so should expect to be treated equally and that includes giving back what they dish out.
      Its something that will always cause controversy

      1. davidoziborg

        All good points my man…….

    2. Darren Cassar

      I think it’s the first time I am disagreeing with you mate. I have had some old hag swear at me better than a sailor and flip me off when SHE was in the wrong – and you could be sure I flipped her one right back. The mother/daughter/sister argument only holds water if the female in question doesn’t act like a bloody savage in the first place…..

      1. davidoziborg

        This has been one of my favourite articles for the simple reason that there was such a divide of opinion…. Good to hear your opinions though, you make some valid points….

    3. Swiss Tony

      Flipping off a bird is like making love to a beautiful woman … you … erm … ok fine this isn’t like that at all.

      1. davidoziborg

        Hahaha… Thank you for your input Tony… I think…. 🙂

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