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    Well finally he has done it. A few weeks, months or perhaps 32 years in the making. Sir Lewis Hamilton has cemented his place as the greatest British F1 driver of all time. This can no longer be disputed. It was far from a perfect race for him in Mexico this past weekend. However it was more than enough for him to win back the drivers championship he narrowly lost to former team mate Nico Rosberg in 2016.

    It was not an easy race for Sir Lewis. He was hit by championship rival Sebastian Vettel on the first lap. Which resulted in a puncture and a trip to the pits. Thankfully, Vettel also needed a pit stop to change a broken front wing. Both drivers had to battle back from the rear of the pack. Vettel’s Ferrari made a better job of it and impressively made his way to P4. However it was not the required P2 to keep himself in the title race. Thus Sir Lewis took the chequered flag, helmet in hands, soaking up yet another phenomenal achievement.

    Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the race in Mexico, but we are not here to talk Max. This is Sir Lewis’s moment. There have been great British drivers before him. Graham Hill and son Damon. Both world champions in their careers. Jenson Button, James Hunt, Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell and Sir Jackie Stewart. All these drivers have titles to their names and are the foundations of a remarkable British tradition in F1 over the years. But not one of them hold a record in the sport as impressive as Sir Lewis Hamilton.

    Sir Lewis now has four World Drivers Championships. The most of any Briton, over taking Sir Jackie Stewart’s three titles. He has won 62 F1 races which is DOUBLE that of Nigel Mansell’s 31 wins. Oh and we must not forget his 72 pole positions which is more than any other driver in the history of the sport.

    Yet it is not just his statistics that make him King of the Briton’s. It is the way in which he wins races and titles. Especially in his more mature years he has become, for me, the greatest all round driver there is. His consistency and his ability to be ice cool under pressure. He is fast when it counts and has the ability to nurse the car to optimal results when mechanically not at its best. It is almost like a sixth sense and it is extremely impressive.

    Now, anybody who knows me or has read my blog in the past will probably have realized I am not Sir Lewis’s greatest fan. But it really has nothing to do with his driving. Unfortunately he is not the most personable individual you will find in the sport, far from it. He can come across as extremely arrogant. And his perpetually sour face can send violent electrical currents through to the very core of my ever shrinking brain. But that doesn’t change the facts.

    Sir Lewis is the greatest British F1 driver of all time. And is on the way to possibly becoming the greatest F1 driver the sport has ever seen. Whilst I am quick to criticize when I feel it is necessary, I also like to think that I can be fair. Which means I am more than happy to sing in praise of this legends unbelievable achievements.

    As a final point you may have noticed I have been referring to him as “Sir Lewis” throughout this entire blog. In case you were wondering, no he has not been knighted. But there is an ever growing sentiment among Briton’s for this to be the case. Not my call really. But I wouldn’t begrudge him that.

    Should it happen anytime soon though I would spare a thought for David Beckham. Mr. Beckham is one of Britain’s most decorated footballers. What he has achieved on and off the pitch has been truly amazing. And his work for those less fortunate is beyond nobility. Sadly till now he has been looked over for the honour in favour of others less deserving like Andy Murray.

    Perhaps it would be fitting to see both gentlemen honoured in the near future.

    Have a great weeks celebration Sir Lewis. You thoroughly deserve it.


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    1. Nathan Zammit

      Sir Lewis is a c**t. I’d be lying if i said that he’s not one if the best drivers there is, but he’s a real butt hole. His arrogance is quite simply revolting, he has this typical “boy from the hood that rose to stardom” attitude, he only hangs out with famous people, he wears those damn 14 year old boy diamond earrings, and his crybaby attitude when shit doesn’t go his way is just revolting. Not to mention the fact that he “requested” to be knighted by hinting at it during a newspaper interview.
      As you might have noticed I’m really sour about the man winning another championship, cause I really don’t like the guy, he’s too competitive on a personal level to be a sportsman and does not tolerate anyone. Not to mention Vettel’s stroke of bad luck, or more importantly Ferrari’s series of cock ups that eventually lead to this..
      I hope Verstappen is in a stronger car next year so that he can start competing properly.

      1. davidoziborg

        Hey Nathan.
        I agree with you 1000%. In fact I have been slagging him off for a couple of years. In fact if you read some of my other F1 blogs you will realise that..
        I am a huge Dani Ricc fan… And really do like Verstappen, but he needs to mature as a driver. Massive talent though.
        Thanks for your comments.

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