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    I must admit, the past 30 days or so have been super exciting for me. Not just because the World Cup was on, which by the way was probably the best ever. But also because it was the first time I used a fully automated system for the World Cup Prediction Challenge. It was a great achievement overall and one which made me super proud.

    Regarding the World Cup Prediction challenge itself however, it turned out to be better than expected. We had about 90 or so regular competitors all putting their prediction skills to the test. The challenge was easy (in theory at least), as all competitors had to do was predict the outcome of every single World Cup game. Well, I can attest that actually it was not that easy at all. Predicting the winner of each game was harder enough, but the score? That was difficult. I am not sure about the rest of you, but I found the challenge exhilarating.

    So, who won? A big congratulations to George777 who in the end managed to hang on to top spot with a grand total of 158 points. And for his efforts, he walks away with a cool €150 in his pocket as first prize. Well done. In second place, running George777 all the way to the end was Conrad DImech. Another outstanding performance. With 156 points it was a stellar effort I must tell you, and fully deserved of his €65 second prize. Well done my good man.

    And finally, in third place, some DOUCHE CANOE who goes by the moniker davidoziborg. Oh wait a second, that’s me. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO. At first I felt a bit guilty, being the administrator and all. But that is what is great about the system, it’s totally user specific. So I am unable to access anyone’s account but my own. Which in summary means, suck it. My third place was deserved. 🙂 As third prize winner I walk away with €35 with which I will spoil myself and buy… more upgrades for the site. What can I say, it’s my baby.

    Of course, the prizes were not life changing, just a bit of motivation to get you into the spirit and reward your time and effort. Hopefully you all realise that the real prize is the challenge itself and trying to beat your friends and fellow competitors. I know from my end that was the exciting part. I am a little competitive you see. Really and truly, a massive thank you from me for joining in the fun and getting involved. I hope you all enjoyed.

    That’s all. It’s over. Ciao.

    LOL. You didn’t really think it was gonna end there did you? I am currently working on tweaking the site so we will have another challenge ready for the up and coming Premier League and Serie A seasons. Very similar format. You can enter one or the other, or both if you so choose. Going to be loads of fun. I hope that will be up and running by the beginning of August, so keep close to the site for updates. Fingers crossed we will get the prize pool up significantly as well.

    Finally, a very big thank you to the Betsson Group for sponsoring the challenge. I am hopeful that we will be able to continue the partnership where we can bring you football fans much more fun and challenges.

    Now I gotta get back to work if I want to have any chance of getting things up and running for the new season. LATERS….



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    1. daniel_juve27

      just a curiosity .. how come me and you got the same points (damn i forgot to save the 3rd place and final game results 🙁 ) and you won third place ? Not for the money .. but this could have happened for the first place as well.

      1. daniel_juve27

        I just saw the rules (sry i was to lazy to check them before). grrrrrrrrrr i forgot to save the 3rd place and final results …. i would have finished 3rd at least 🙂 well done for this prediction challenge, very user friendly and professional 🙂

        1. davidoziborg

          Hey Daniel,
          I was surprised that you didn’t complete the predictions for the last two games after all that hard work, as I am pretty sure you would have finished 3rd. But I also understand how easy it is to forget. You did a very good job though, so well done. Thank you for the feedback as well. In the next couple of weeks we will be implementing new challenges for both the Serie A and Premier League, so watch this space.

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